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RE: Walking in L.A. - Volume I

in #story4 years ago

I took a walk downtown and met a sweet man willing to give me a penny he found on the sidewalk. He asked me for change to join it, but I didn't have anything. I offered him my coffee, and he graciously declined. I hope to see him again. This time I'll have some change.


Nice to meet you, @wordymouth! I always carry change and/or dollar bills when I shoot downtown or in areas where I know I’m going to encounter folks who are down and out. I learned to do this from a fellow photographer. It’s a delicate dance. Catching candid moments and respecting people’s ‘space’ can be diametrically opposed goals.

I really need to do that. I'm so used to paying with my card or phone. I forget not all of us have the latest gadget. Nice to meet you too.

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