Walking in L.A. - Volume I

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There’s a classic 80s song that contends, “...only a nobody walks in L.A.


But I believe that you have to walk in L.A. to truly see the somebodys.


To find real stories, real people, real lives.


And to catch moments of glorious, mundane beauty.

I will be making Tuesdays Walking in L.A. days. Posting street shots collected from this odd place...wrought with contradictions. And overflowing with talent and dreams and stories to spare. I reserve the right to twist and shape these posts according to whatever the city has to tell me.

I vow to be wide open and listen. And to share these tales with you.


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These are great!!! The rawness of life and emotion shouts through. Again, love these edits!!

btw do you know @schmidthappens ?? He's from LA.

Thank you, Deb. No, I do not believe I know - or even know of - him. I will rectify that immediately. 😬

Your write up completely compliments the photos, I can almost empathise with the people in the photos

Your photos do tell a story and are very compelling. thank you for sharing them with us!!

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I took a walk downtown and met a sweet man willing to give me a penny he found on the sidewalk. He asked me for change to join it, but I didn't have anything. I offered him my coffee, and he graciously declined. I hope to see him again. This time I'll have some change.

Nice to meet you, @wordymouth! I always carry change and/or dollar bills when I shoot downtown or in areas where I know I’m going to encounter folks who are down and out. I learned to do this from a fellow photographer. It’s a delicate dance. Catching candid moments and respecting people’s ‘space’ can be diametrically opposed goals.

I really need to do that. I'm so used to paying with my card or phone. I forget not all of us have the latest gadget. Nice to meet you too.

I love your street photography. These messages are so loud and clear. They are heartbreaking to me, too. Nice job.

Thank you, @wandrnrose. Though weird to be thanking someone for breaking her heart... Street photography is my first love and largely what got me shooting. Part of my intention with doing this series is to get back to it. I’m glad it resonates with you. That’s always my foremost goal.

I love photography and I'm glad to see you showing life as it is on the streets. Following.

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