Meeting of a Stranger and a Known Blockchain Being

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Two people found themselves sharing a room at a conference recently after being introduced to each other.

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Some of the things that may happen when you travel places without a place to stay and ask strangers if they may have an extra bed. Upon arriving to some event with a few known faces. Asking if a few people may have an extra room. Planned on staying some people who were not able to make it. Resulting in not having a place to stay. After asking a few people that did not have space.

...seems most people just get enough room for themselves and whoever is going with them and not extra beds for strangers...

However someone that was asked found someone with an extra bed! So two strangers got introduced and exchanged numbers at the very least to contact each other later. Then going back to the other people at the event. Finally late in the evening the person who had made the introduction was deciding to leave. Asking if they were all set. Because the person's bags were in the car.

Sent a message to the stranger with no response. Figured sure all good just come get the bags from the car. Can always figure something out. Walked around for a little while and late in the night got a response with the location and some key numbers to get in. Kind of like private keys but much shorter.

...then able to travel to the public address with knowledge of private keys so to speak and climb into bed of a stranger's room...

Waking the next morning to get out of the room of strangeness to event of less strangeness. When this strange thing had happened. Upon going out side to catch a ride this female stranger had said Hello that was not a stranger that had been met before. Leading to sharing a ride to the event and mentioning it was good to see each other again since last time of which before hand the two had been strangers.

Then off to more of life to be less stranger with more strangers?

More stories of stories to come from travels of strange beings in and out of more and less relative strangeness...

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