Good, thanks!

Hey I'm also totally not a writer and this is the first time I've attempted it, further than writing Instagram captions. So if you ever feel like telling me what you thought was good and most importantly what you found boring or just bad, please let rip!

And be harsh! I'm keen to improve.


right now i wrote you some long answer but this stupid steemit just deleted all the content when i pushed "post" button. i really have no power to this place.
sorry about these emotions - not your problem and fault - just continue do i write - everything is informative and interesting to me !

Nah it happens to me too.

One thing, just wait, for a while. Sometimes it does actually go through! If you write something meaningful just be sure to copy it before you hit post, annoying but until they fix the problem it's less annoying than losing your comment!

yes i know about this but sometimes i forget and it was exactly the moment !

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