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I have checked with and found that is an existing Internet site, registered in 1999.



Ren du Lot had decided to go now for something completely different.

Having recently realized that he would not survive for long in this shitty country, he wanted to get rich quick and disappear under a new identity.

So, he invented a fictitious device that he called a "Zizi Gougou", and to sell it under the pseudonym of Fernando Ronaldo.

He created the website There was only one web page on the site and one picture showing a black plastic box with three buttons, blue, white, and red.

The title was "Get new friends and amaze them with a Zizi Gougou". Under the picture, there was a long text that described in detail all the effects of the device but was very ambiguous about the technology. One could deduce from the indication "Batteries not included" that it contained some electronic circuit.

In the middle and at the bottom of this long page was the payment description:

  • To order send 0.001 Bitcoins (was BTC0.002) to the address ...

Of course, there was: "Free shipping".

In very small letters, you could read at the bottom:

Due to the great number of orders, allow 4 to 6 weeks for shipping.

Ren du Lot had decided to go now for something completely different.

To be continued

Ren du Lot, the shit lawyer, a serial shitposting fiction inspired by Torundel the Shitposter! by @katharsisdrill.

Rules are:

211 words - Starting with the words "Ren du Lot" - First and last sentence are identical.

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