*HEROES OF OUR TIMES* Dyado Dobry - the saint from Baylovo #2

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Since I have been on steemit (about a week now) I have faced one main issue - what to write about. As I mentioned in my Hello Steemit Community, Hello Tomorrowland #1 post I am totally newbie here and in blogging at all so this gave me a lot of headache. If you saw me trough this wonder time, probably you would see something like

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Now, after 5 days of reading and thinking, I have finally found a topic in which I will feel comfortable and I will enjoy writing about, setting my writing foundations.
I am going to start a story series called "Heroes of our times", following the stories of people I find inspiring and I consider worthy to be told.
Well, it wasn't so quick introduction and here is the first of the stories. Enjoy!


The year is 2009. "St. Alexander Nevsky" Cathedral receives a solid funds in its bank account as a donation, to be more specific about 17 000 euros. The name of the grantor is Dobre Dobrev from Baylovo, Bulgaria.
Not so unusual, you would say, and I will agree, it is not the first time someone make a big donation but... A big BUT, because Dyado Dobry or Elder Dobry is not a businessman trying to attract a positive attention nor a politician wining dividends. In fact, by this time he is 95 years old homeless spending most of his time begging in order to provide all the money to the church.

Dyado Dobry

Dyado Dobry was born during the World War One on 20 of July 1914 in Baylovo - a countryside village 45km away from the capital city of Bulgaria, Sofia. A distance he used to walk by himself not once or twice just to sit in front of the Cathedral all day long collecting donation funds and then back to the village church (where he used to live) with no single cent in his pocket.

We don't know much about his early life simply because he don't remember and there is no one to tell us about it.
He remember well the year of his wedding - 1940. The year "when the Germens come" in his words. This year during one of the bombing over Sofia he partly lose his hearing. The marriage didn't last long and he dedicated the rest of his life to the religion and to the church.
10 years back from now he decided to give all his properties in the name of the cause. A decision not well accepted by his family and which forced them to expel him from his home. Since then he has been leaving in a tiny wooden cabin in the yard of the village church in native Baylovo.

Dyado Dobry cloister

The simpler his mission seems, the harder is for the ordinary man to understand it or even to follow its ideology. It, in my opinion and I don't want to engage you with it, is driven by pure kindness and a enormous heart! It is hardly to believe that a number of temples, churches and even the biggest cathedral of Bulgaria have been renovated all with the irrevocable help of this in first sight incapable whitebeard. But here it is, he used to follow his believes and he managed to amazed the people whose are familiar with the story of the saint from Baylovo.

Unfortunately, on 13 of February 2018 Dyado Dobry pass away on the age of 103. His legacy, I believe, is not only the result of his doings but the thought his tale leads you to, the ideals and principals it might build!

Here I wish to listed some of the biggest donations Dyado Dobry has made through all this years:

2005 - 10 000BGN to "St Ciril and Methodius" Temple, Baylovo

2007 - 25 000BGN to "St Mary" monastery and to "St George" Church, Gorno Kamarci

2009 - 35 700BGN to "St Alexander Nevsky" Cathedral, Sofia

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I hope you enjoyed reading. I will appreciate every criticism about my writing and will make an effort to assimilate every advise you give me in the comments below. In the next post I'm going to put everything that I have learnt from this one in order to make it better for you readers!

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