Hello Steemit Community, Hello Tomorrowland #1

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Why Tomorrowland?

No, not only because I am a huge fan of the fest, but because I truly believe that the platform is great and have a bright future ahead! I think the epithet fits well.

So.. a bit of words about me here

My name is Ventsislav Todorov, Bulgarian, currently exploring the internet possibilities. @steemit was presented to me by a friend of mine called Kristian, a.k.a @sharkooo, but to be honest it has really got my attention when my girlfriend @vicktoria started talking about it. In fact, she first created the accounts for both of us. Then the approval's come and the journey's begun.

The first steps I made

I believe here is the right place to mention that I have no writing or blogging experience at all and I hope you steemians will not be judgefull while I am learning. The very first thing I have done after the technical settings like profile picture etc. was to go on youtube and checked out for any beginner tutorials. That is how I have found this guy called Jerry Banfield @jerrybanfield and his Steem Basic Training Tutorials which I recommend to all steemit newbies!

Final words

I hope you readers were not totally bored and I will be thankful for all your bits of advice left in the comments below!

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Hello welcome to steemit ☺️ it's really nice to have you here enjoy the platform and explore the community

Thank you! I hope it will be a great time here!

Hi.. Welcome to Steemit

please follow me @daverdp..
I will follow you and upvote you

Thank you

Thank you, Dave!

Welcome to steemit
Awesome post you have the right vibes
There's so much prospect on this platform and so we would like to invite to our rapidly growing community @elitesteemians To Help you grow a follower base and get you up and going. You can also join our whatsapp group where we keep you updated on the best events on steemit. Link to group in bio.
Happy steeming.

Thank you for the warm welcome, mate!