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RE: HardFork: Can You See The Future?

in #story4 years ago

May I ask a question? It says to make up a curse word and include it at the end of the post. Does this mean the end of the story? Because the end of my story might not be the place to add in a curse word. May I add it elsewhere in the story and add an author's note ending with the curse word as well? The rules are not quite clear whether to end the story with the curse word, or to end the entire post (with possible author's note) with a curse...


I am sooo ready to post my entry. I may post it anyway, and if this response changes things, I'll just edit. Or something. LOL

No hard and fast rules on where, @tinypaleokitchen. Anywhere in the story is fine.

Oh. I ended up liberally sprinkling it in more than one place. :-D Thank you!