Do you know when did the man start wearing shoes first?

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As a civilized person, we can not leave our shoes for the movement of the road. But this footwear was not present in past. People have walked a long without shoes in past time. There is no existence of shoes to move to the ancient people. When do people start wearing shoes? A recent study found that people began to wear shoes nearly 40,000 years ago. However, it is not known that it was the start of wearing shoes. But at least some of the sign was found that the ancient people was wear shoes. And after all the calculations of anthropological research we know that, that was the time when people wear their first shoes.

40,000 years! It looks a long time, is not it? At the beginning it seemed to everyone else. Because, according to the researchers earlier, the use of human shoes was more time-consuming. As a result, they were very surprised to know that there was more time before they started wearing shoes. Any type of clothing affects the physical structure of the human body. in that case shoes have a lot of impact on the feet of a man.

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After wearing shoes, the movement of a man, the impact of the feet, etc. changes. In addition, the impact of human body bones, muscles etc. also affects by the shoes. As a result, the change that comes after wearing shoes is very easy to notice. Changes in the construction of old people's feet helped the anthropologists to know when they were wearing first shoes. Even when the shape of the footwear was changed, it has been also known to see the shape of their feet.

Scientists have found a relation between body characteristics and shoe wear in the 20th century. Since then the research has started. A very hard footwear can affect the bones of the human legs, just like it also represent the distance between the toes and other things. Eric Krinacaus, an anthropologist at the University of Washington, said that the size of the human foot became smaller when we wear shoes. On the other hand, the legs of people who do not wear shoes, such as big legs, and the distance between their fingers is less. As a result, seeing the ancient people found at various times in history and seeing their feet getting smaller, it is easy to say through a little experiment that when people started wearing shoes.

The oldest person shoes find which is still surviving is 10 years old. But if we accepted the information and logic of eric, that number went to one jump and another 30 thousand years back. In a 2005 study published in Eric and the matter reached the conclusion of the timing of man and shoe wear. Eric's study was easily understood.

Bone position and shoes

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Shoes have been influenced by the human bones that have been mentioned earlier. But details of this are explained by Eric in his study. Many others have supported him there. The bone is not something that can not be changed. University of California's anthropological leader, Waiver said that a person regularly exercises his physical activity, but his bones are thick. As a result, if a man uses some of the pressure on his bones for a long time, then the bone will take a different shape.

It has been seen in history several times that the size of their feet is bigger and bones are thicker and thicker than others. They used to walk a lot of time, carry heavy things, and plant trees. These are basically the main reasons behind this happening. This issue is also noteworthy for the ancient people of Niandarthal and the present people. However, in the case of people 40 thousand years ago, the matter started to change, Eric said. Although the bones are thick, its construction begins to be small. Eric tried to find out the reasons for this change, and then he came to his head and said about the shoes. He started working very fast, and he learned that the main reason for this change in human bones is the shoe. At that time, 40 thousand years ago ancient men started wearing shoes.

Shoe, or something else?

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However, Eric's argument did not seem acceptable to all the anthropologists. Some anthropologists disagreed on this, and in reality 40 thousand years ago people suspected that they started wearing shoes. They have a strong argument behind their suspicion. Eric's original content of this research is that they are stirred.

Eric wanted to understand the man's shoe reading about the smallness of the bone. However, according to other anthropologists, can the bone be small only for this reason? No! Not at all. The anthropologists said that during the time of the history, Eric tried to create a relationship between wearing bones and shoes, at that time people started to work much harder than before. As a result, their structural changes in bone may have been seen as a result of their reduced function. Not only that, the anthropologists also said that if the bone starts to become small due to the shoes, then what can be said about the bones of other parts of the human body?

At the same time, the bones of the whole body began to shrink, not just the feet of the human. Eric's doctrine does not fit the theory. But at that time the changes in human activities began to change. They were trying to innovate something new then. They started thinking about the needy, arms, clothes, and many other things. If it was said that people at that time created something called shoe, that started using it in their daily lives - it can not be completely blown away. However, the anthropologists do not believe that the structure of human feet and the only man's legs are possible to know when it started to wear shoes. But Eric has blown up the research and logic. And that is not possible.

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Erik has argued that it can be true. Maybe 40 thousand years ago people started to wear shoes. But there are many other aspects in addition to this. Changing the shape of human bone can be related to wearing his shoes. But that's not the only reason. There may be many reasons for the human bones to become smaller. People can start wearing shoes after 40,000 years ago, before or after them anytime. Certainly this information and research can not be justified as it is not possible to say it wrong!

I think today it is a very long description.... So not more today. I think many of us already know about this. If you know more than me, then please comment your answere. It will be helpful for me to know more.

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