Music and Story #1 | The Wave

in story •  11 months ago

Music and Story is a series here on steemit where you listen to the music below and read the story i have created below to create one experience. Enjoy.


Story : The Wave

Two steps, two steps until i fall 1,000s of feet down or two steps back and i can start a whole new life... but of what secrets, lies and danger. Maybe two steps forward is the way to go. I take a deep breath and one step forward i tell myself this is it, goodbye. I raise my foot over the edge barley holding my balance, i close my eyes and think of the dead.... and then a wave emotions hits me.

I realize that life is more than danger and lies, but of love and happiness. Love for someone even if you don't know who that someone is yet. And happiness for the little moments in life in the big world of dark, like witnessing a baby being born or witnessing the bond between two people, there trust and loyalty for each other, a friendship.

All of this hits me at once and i fall backwards, gripping the roof and scurrying as far back as i can from the edge of darkness. No, its not the answer it never will be. There is so much more to life, even if i can't see it, there is.

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Have a great day everyone.
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Correct there is much more in life even if you can't see what there is, that always happens, that's why although there are difficult moments there is always something that motivates us to move forward, even though at the time is not so clear.

Unts unts unts...wawawawawa screeeech. Then the base drops! oomph oomph oomph. Then I wake up.
It was all a dream.
...or was it?


Nice post. Success becomes more sweet after sweating.

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