The adventures of Mister Mox - Part 9

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Think, think Mox, think! You’ll find a way

Mox was going back and forth in the office, taking a peek outside as well, throughout the window, from time to time.

The painting wasn’t there. He was sure it would be in Samuel’s office. He saw it at a party he attended in a while back. Could Samuel find out about the secret in the painting? That was not possible, since this was a secret knew by few.

Mox was working his brains out when he heard a whistle that caught his attention. Lot of guards headed toward the barn they were hiding. The dogs managed to catch their smell. He had to hurry.

Calming himself down, he took some items from Samuel office, to throw them off. It would be strange to get out of there with empty hands. The things he took were a sword, a memento from Samuel’s army days, and one painting that depicted the a prairie battle. With these two in his hands and others stuffed in his pockets, he returned to the living room.

Where are Dan and Marta?” He asked Anna, that was looking at him with cold eyes. She had a disgust on her face when she heard the names of her foster children.

Why do you care about them that much?” she coldly said. “They are nothing more than a whore child. And the proof is that she was whoring to you, instead to listen to her father! I don’t care about them, I’m Samuel’s wife and I won’t talk without his consent!” she said while spitting toward Mox.


This action attracted a punch from Maria, directly in her face

Mother! Granny!” concerned voices were heard.

You old bitch, tell us want we want to know or I will fill you with leads. One of your boys mess me up pretty good, so I want to release some steam. Give me a reason to put this through your head!” Maria said, while the temperature in the room suddenly became very, very cold.

Maria, stop the nonsense, we don’t want to kill anybody. Samantha, be the reasonable one, tell me where are those two children. If you hate them so much, why hide them from me?” Mox still tried to be the voice of reason.

Father hasn’t spoken their punishment yet. We will wait for father to come!” She said without blinking.

Bunch of moronic hags! So obedient to the head of the family. Maria, take one of the little ones and go upstairs. Make him show you the doors of Dan and Marta. The old Samuel couldn’t have any time to do anything to them yet!” Mox decided to not negotiate with such obsolete people.

Maria picked up the pianist, that didn’t move from the piano chair, and went up the stairs.

From outside the noise was getting louder. Dogs and people were barking and shouting.

The trail is getting stronger. By God, they are in the house!” a hoarse voice was heard.

Mox smiled. He armed the gun and placed himself on the chair where Samuel was sitting during the family meeting.

Now the fun begins!” he thought.

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awesome blog dear..keep on

I loved your story very much you are very good at writing. Vive the next 😊

Now the fun begins!” he thought.

Haha, get 'em Mox.

Good read @sstefan. Nice job.