The adventures of Mister Mox - Part 8

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Mox crossed the yard, moving fast through the shadows until he reached the back of the house.

He slowly opened the kitchen door and slipped right in. Fortunately nobody was in. He saw a bucket of water and some food left on the table so he furiously took some mouthfuls. He didn’t eat anything all day. In the morning he didn’t have time to eat anything because he was late for the wedding and afterward the bastards from the mansion didn’t give him anything to eat. Maria wasn’t shy and she started to eat as well, taking food directly from Mox’s hand sometimes.

“Ok, let’s go, we don’t have time to feast right now.” Mox said while stopping Maria from eating, seeing that she was starting to look for more food.

Moving slowly, like a thief, Mox crossed the kitchen and moved to the next room. From there he could enter the living room and then the office of Samuel. But from the living room you could hear people talking and someone was playing the piano. The women of the house and the small children didn’t leave the mansion and remained inside, where it was safe.

Mox took a peek through the keyhole and looked inside. There were around 5 people there. Anna and Samantha were on the couch knitting something, while one of the kids was playing the piano. The rest of them were reading.

Fuck, there are too many people” Mox cursed. He would have now to take another route, but that would be dangerous because he would have to go outside again.

Hey, would these help!” Maria whispered in his ear, startling Mox.

What?!” Mox almost shouted at her. “Where did you get those?” he said when he saw a pair of pistols in her hand.

From over there.” she pointed out a cabinet full of guns.

Good woman” Mox couldn’t help to smile and gave her a quick kiss on the lips as a reward, making her blush. “Now, follow my lead!” said Mox while taking the other guns out and placed them on his belt. He went back to the kitchen and took some rugs and cloth that were lying around. Then made some stripes from some of them, while leaving others as they were.

He checked again the situation in the living room through the keyhole. Then he slowly opened the door and entered the room, followed by Maria.

Ahem. Good evening everyone!” he said loud enough to get everyone's attention. “Now, as you can see I have these guns in my hand and they can hurt you, so I would suggest that nobody makes a sound.” he warned everyone as he saw that Anna was about to shout.
This is Maria, my partner. Say hi, Maria!” and while Mox said that she gave an enchanting smile to everyone. “Now, Maria will tie everyone up and I’m expecting everyone to be nice and stay in their seat while she does so*”.

After Maria tied everyone up and place a rug around their mouth so they won’t get any strange ideas, Mox left her in the living room to keep an eye out for them, while he went to Samuel office. He moved fast, because he didn’t know when someone might enter the house and then all hell would break loose.

Fuck! fuck the gods!” Mox cursed and he saw that what was he looking for was gone. The map that he was searching was actually a painting, a painting that was supposed to be in Samuel’s office. But now it was gone. And Mox didn’t have any idea what to do now.

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