The adventures of Mister Mox - Part 7

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A few minutes earlier, Mox and Maria were awaiting their sentence. Or something. Since Seth and Daniel left the shack earlier in the day, nobody visited them. No food, no water, nothing. They were literally left for dead.

A noise was heard outside. A bang followed by a big thump. The shack’s door opened and a man entered. If Bill, the guard, would see this man, he would recognize his replacement for this evening. But why wasn’t he at his post?

Ratface!” Mox eyes brightened up when he saw the man.

I told you not to call me that anymore!” said the man, although he looked a little bit like a rat. Small eyes and a long nose emerged from his face, while some long whiskers grown over his upper lip. “Are you ok? Can you walk? We have to hurry, I’m supposed to be on the wall.

Just untie us, and we will manage” Mox said. After Ratface cut the rope that tied their arms, Mox took Maria by the hand and left the shack. “Go back to your post. Meet me tomorrow at the usual place.” he left some words for the guard and disappeared into the night.

Ratface didn’t linger too much around either and he returned to the wall. The humanly needs excuse that he used didn’t gave him too much time.

After everything quieted down, the guard that was hit in the head woke up. Looking at the empty shack and cursed his misfortune and called the alarm.

In the mansion, the old Samuel Jackson was furious. He ordered Samson to lock Marta and Daniel in their rooms, while he and the other two boys will search.

The whole compound was in disarray. Guards were marching with torches everywhere, while Samuel summoned everyone that was not on duty to the big courtyard.

We have a traitor in our midst and when I’ll find out who was it, the wrath of God will be upon him. But, as a merciful man, that you all know me to be, I will pardon your wrongdoings if you come forward now.” he said, while looking with cold eyes at all the people present. “Good, good. Nobody wants to step forward. I’ll settle with you lot, tomorrow. Now I want you to find me that foolish Mox and his broad. Quickly!

In the meanwhile, hidden in one of the barns, Mox and Maria were looking at all the noise that was outside.

The old man knows how to give a speech. Now the route should be clear. Let’s go!” Mox said.

Wait, wait a minute. I’m not moving an inch until you tell me what the hell is going on!” Maria protested while clinging on Mox arms, stopping him in his tracks.

This crazy woman!” Mox cursed the Gods that brought her in his path. “Fine, fine. It’s about a treasure. And a part of the map is in the old Samuel’s house. And I need to take it. Because the wedding was a bust, I have to steal it now.” Mox divulged the plan quickly so he could move.

What treasure? Don’t tell me that you were about to get married just to steal a map

I don’t have the time to get into all the details. Plus, Marta is cute and a good material wife, not like someone I know. Now let’s go, we don’t have too much time!

And that being said, Mox dragged Maria after him outside their hideout and headed toward the mansion. That was the last place where someone would look for them.

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Mox and Maria rock. Am keeping keen track of their story. Thanks. Upvoted.

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I'm glad you like it. I'll definitely check your blog later ;)

love the story


Glad you enjoy the story. Hope you'll like the rest of it as well.