The adventures of Mister Mox - Part 6

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The day passed in the blink of an eye. The sun was setting down, far away in the prairie. Up on the walls of the compound, the guards were changing shifts.

Hey Bill, tough day?” one of the men asked as he climbed up to the guard tower.

Not that much. Nobody in sight” answered Bill.

I heard that the boss and the young boys went to stop Marta from marrying that bloke Mox” the man asked once again.

Yup, he is in that shack, over there!” Bill pointed out the shack were Mox was kept.

All right, get your ass to the kitchen and have something to eat. Those boys from the fields will eat everything if you don’t hurry up. Hey Fred!” the man greeted the other guard that will be his partner tonight.

While the guards were chatting about the events of the day, in the big living room of the Jackson Mansion, the patriarch Samuel was sitting in his big chair. Around his were the his 3 boys: Seth, Simon and Samson. A little to the left, on a couch, his wife Anna and Samantha, the oldest daughter, we’re looking at Marta, who was sitting on a small chair in the middle of the room.

Daniel couldn’t be present, because we was tending to his wounds. Even though he stood proud and didn’t fall down in the presence of his brother, he fell down in Marta’s room. Now he was sleeping, after his sister applied some ointments on his back.

Samuel looked at his daughter, that was fretting on the chair, holding tight her black dress. She chose to dress this way to protest against her father. Remembering how her brother’s back looked her eyes filled with tears.

Do you know how much damage you brought to my reputation, to our family reputation. All this work we have done to become a respectable family in this town, was almost ruined by you.” Samuel started to talk. “You are engaged to the son of Lapidas family. That was the agreement between me and his father.

I never agreed to that. I don’t love that brute. I hate him!” Marta talked back.

Impudence. Don’t raise your voice against me. You have no choice in this. Love? I don’t care about that. Joining forces with Lapidas will solidify our position in this area and help us become the rulers of this prairie.

There were many families in the prairie, that fought for supremacy, either political or financial. The Jackson family holds a very good land, good for farming and raising cattle, but they were one of the smallest groups around here. Lapidas, the ones that Samuel wanted to ally with, hold one of the biggest mines in the area, with hundred of workers on their payroll. Joining hands with them would bring the Jackson family to the big boys table.

I’ve already sent a message to the Lapidas about your stupidity. To show them my good will, I will send you to their mansion before the wedding, which will take place next week. And if you try anything stupid, I will kill that stupid boy Mox” Samuel said with a grin on his face. “Bring him to me, boys!” he ordered to his sons.

While they were about to exit the door the alarm was heard. A guard rushed toward Seth and said while holding his head down.

Boss, they escaped!

Who escaped?!!” Seth roared.

Mox and the broad that was with him

I've decided to remove the interactive part of the story, mostly because nobody voted on the outcome. So I will just drive the story the way I want to. This way I don't have to wait for a period before I write a new chapter.
I hope you will enjoy the story as it will progress in the next couple of chapters

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