[Interactive Story] The adventures of Mister Mox - Part 5

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The adventures of Mister Mox is an interactive story, meaning that you can chose the course of the story, by voting how the story will progress after each part. You can read the previous part in here.

Mox and Maria were placed like sacks of potatoes on horses and the whole party headed toward the compound. While they are traveling, let’s meet the family.

The old man, Marta’s father, is Samuel Jackson. He was in his 60’s and he was the head of the Jackson family. He had four sons and two daughters. His youngest son we’ve already met, Daniel or Dan, for friends. The other three that followed Samuel at the church and busted up Mox quite good are Seth, Simon and Samson. The other daughter was Samantha, she was the oldest of his six childs. Samuel has two wives, Anna and Eva. Anna is around the same age as him, mother of the first four children, while Eva was the mother of Marta and Daniel. She died at the birth of Daniel, when she was only 20 years old and Marta had only two years and the time.

In the vast prairie, you could see the compound from far away. Although it was a place where a family lived, from the outside it looked more like a fort. High walls, surrounded the buildings, with watch posts on every corner. Around the walls, there were the farming ground and the surrounded as well, by a wooden fence and spikes.

The guards opened the gates, welcoming Samuel and the boys back.

Put them in one of the empty shacks and place some guards around” the patriarch ordered around.

Marta, stop crying, it’s displeasing my ears. Go to your room and think on what you did today. Daniel, you know your mistakes, it can’t go unpunished. You’ll receive 20 lashes. And you’ll take care of the pigs for the next two months. Seth, you administer the punishment.

Yes father” the voice of Seth was heard. “Let’s go Daniel

Seth took Daniel to the shack where Mox and Maria were held. Maria was still out cold, because she woke up on the way to the Jackson compound and she started to make a fuss once again, so Samson smacked her on the head once again, sending her on the dreams land.

Mox looked at the long whip that Seth had in his hand and said with a shaky voice.

Hey, Seth, how are you? What are you doing with that whip?

Relax. Your punishment has not been decided yet. Come on, Daniel, take your shirt off! Mox, look carefully, this happens because of your actions. You’ve soiled the minds of my young brother and sister.” Seth laid these words, while Daniel took his shirt off and waited for his punishment.

Seth starts to lash on his little brother’s back, without any mercy or remorse. With each hit, Daniel tried to keep his cries, not wanting to give satisfaction to his brother. Daniel didn’t like his brothers. He and Marta grow up without their mother’s love and their relationship with their family wasn’t that great. They had only each other and they supported the fully. This is why Daniel was together with his sister, when she wanted to marry and run with a max. He was supposed to join them in their run as well.

In all this time, Mox and Maria, who managed to wake up in the meanwhile, we’re looking with astonishment how vicious could Seth carry out the lashes on this brother. And Daniel didn’t scream at all. Not even a sound.

After he 20 lashes were taken care of, Daniel put his shirt back on, making it red instantly. They left the shack, not before Seth giving Mox a glare, hinting that he’s next.

Mox, you fool, in what did you get into this time?” Maria asked him, while massaging her head.

Don’t worry. I have a plan. Don’t I always have one?” Mox said while smiling. How could he smile in this dire situation?

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