The adventures of Mister Mox - Part 11

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The prairie wasn’t a safe place and many things could happen. Either a vendetta would occur and war would take place between two or more families, or other bandits and malevolent people would attack from one reason or another.

This is why the mansion had secret passageways, known only by the family members, to use them in the moments of peril. Through one of the passages Seth entered the room and placed the gun behind Mox’s ear.

Mox knew about this and this is why he sent Maria upstairs to find Marta and Daniel. This way he would still have a hidden card to show, after all the bets were made.

Shut your mouth and lower your gun!” Seth growled between his teeth.

Why don’t we do this at the same time?” Mox said. “You should look careful at your surroundings.”

Ever since he felt the cold iron on his skin, Mox slowly moved his gun toward his back, where Seth was, placing the gun in his gut. He could’ve killed him by now, but this wasn’t his purpose.

With one of the guns pointed toward Seth and another toward Samuel, Mox was feeling pretty much in control.

Seth, come here!” Samuel said. He realized by now that Mox was not someone that they should be playing with. He also noticed that Maria wasn’t in the room, which made him a little bit nervous.

Listen to your father. Go sit near him and shut up!” Mox said with an upset voice. Looking at Samuel, Mox continued his talk. “Like I was saying before, I will take Marta and Daniel tonight with me. I want to do this as peacefully as possible, but if you don’t want to I can turn this whole night into a massacre.

You fool, do you think you can escape here alive?” Seth shouted.

Even so, I can still kill all the members of your family! But, I have this…!” Mox responded while pulling out a small medallion from his pocket.

Seeing that paper Samuel face dropped down. That was a Monero conglomerate membership medallion, that he managed to obtain from the Ascarate family. That piece of paper was proof that Jackson family were members of the conglomerate and that they could use their vast resources to a certain extent.

You should really keep your precious stuff better hidden!” Mox said with a smile on his face. “I was surprised when I found this, but if you don’t want it to be lost or broken, you will have to listen to me, old Samuel!

How do I have the guarantee that I will have it back, once you leave!” Samuel asked dejected.

You will just have to trust me! I promise I will give it back to you once we will be on safe distance from harm.

Goddammit! Seth, go and prepare some horses for them. Tell the men to settle down!” Samuel ordered with his head down.

But daddy…” Seth was reluctant to accept the outcome. He didn’t know the importance of the medallion. Samuel didn’t share everything with his family.

Go now! Didn’t you hear me!” Samuel shouted at him, furious.

Seeing this scene, Mox finally let himself take a step back and take a breath. Finally, this day was over.

Maria, he shouted! Come down, we are leaving!

This conclude part 11. I didn't forget about the glosarry, but it might just take me a while to finish it up. Until then, please let me know in the comments your opinions about this chapter and don't forget to subscribe ( if you didn't already) to keep up with the most recent chapters of The adventures of Mister Mox.

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