The Adventures of Mister Mox - Part 10

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Surround the house. Nobody is allowed to exit the house” the voice of Samuel was heard over all the noise. “We will catch this bastard alive!”.

People started to move, covering all the entries to the house. Samuel and the boys were preparing to storm the main entrance when a loud bang was heard and a bullet shattered one of the windows, stopping in one of the porch pillars.

Samuel, if you want to see me enter into the house alone and unarmed. That if you care of your family safety. Nobody else is allowed to entry!” Mox’s voice was heard from the house.

While he said that, some of the guards entered the house through the kitchen, the same way Mox and Maria did. Hearing their steps, Mox shot two bullets through the door, hitting one of the men that wanted to surprising him.

I said, nobody else is allowed to enter. Samuel, hold your boys on a leash or it will get ugly!” Mox roared with fury.

He was a very cool guy, who lost his temper on rare occasions. But this day slowly made him to reach the edge and now he was on a war mental state. If pushed too much he will start a battle against Jackson’s family estate, regardless of the consequences.

Mox, they didn’t hear you. I will pass your message to everyone. Nobody move without my say so!” Samuel said. “I will enter the house now. Don’t shoot!”.

Samuel entered the house and looked at the young man that disturbed his day and his plans. Mox was sitting on his chair, smiling. On his lap, a big rifle was resting, ready to use, while in his arms he holds two guns. He uses one of those guns to point Samuel one of the empty chairs from the room, indicating him to sit.

Samuel sat on that chair, ironically the same where he made Marta to sit on a few moments earlier.

What do you want, Mox?” Samuel asked Mox directly.

What do you mean by that? It was you who attacked me today. It was you who brought me here against my will and against the law I might add. What do you want from me?

Why do you want to marry Marta? What do you expect to get from her? Or from me? I know it’s not about love. Don’t give me that look. I know you are up to something else. I knew that from the moment I first saw you at that party.

Why do I feel like the one that’s interrogated here. I have the guns in my hand. I should be asking the questions, not you.” Mox said with a mischievous smile on his face. “Now, tell me a little more about your plans about marrying Marta with that horrendous Lapidas boy. Who made you do it? I know it you wouldn’t dare to get near the Lapidas without someone brokering the deal. It was Ascarte or Demidas?” Mox said with a cold tone.

Ascarte and Demidas were two other powerful families in the area. Both of them were wealthy, mostly because of their banks, the biggest banks in the prairie, but at the same time they a hand in almost every deal that went around here. They were part of the so called Monero faction, a big business conglomerate, with offices across the land and beyond.

Seeing the surprised look on Samuel’s face, Mox grinned. He was right. Monero was trying to make a move on Lapidas mines and they were using the Jacksons as pawns.

Hmpf. That is none of your business. Marta is my daughter and I can marry her with whoever I want” Samuel regained his composure and rebuked the claims that Mox made.

It doesn’t matter really. Because I will take both Marta and Daniel when I will leave tonight. They will break any relationship with your family and they will regain their freedom” Mox coldly said.

They hell you will!” a voice was heard behind Mox, while he felt the cold iron of a gun near his neck.

Seth, long time no see. Did you crawl through the walls?” Mox asked with a smile.

Pfew. We are at the 10th part already. Time flies really fast sometimes. I think I will have to create a glossary soon, to keep up with all the new characters and families that keep poping up into the story. What do you think about this? Would you like to see a glossary?

Thank you for reading. If you like the story, leave me a comment with your opinion about it. And don't forget to subscribe, if you didn't do it already. A new part of the story will come soon.

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A glossary would be helpful. You're right, lots of new characters to keep track. Enjoying your work!

Thanks @sstefan!

I agree with @lydon.sipe, good job @sstefan