[Interactive Story] The adventures of Mister Mox - Part 4

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The adventures of Mister Mox is an interactive story, meaning that you can chose the course of the story, by voting how the story will progress after each part. You can read the previous part in here
After counting the votes, we find out that the furious voice from the ending of part 3, was Marta's father. What will happen next?

An old man was looking stupefied as his daughter and another woman were kissing in the middle of the church, while the man he was looking after was rolling on the floor holding his crotch. This scene would shock anyone, not to mention a conservative old man like this one.

You probably already guessed, this old man was Marta and Dan’s father. He managed to catch a whiff of his daughter plan of eloping with Mox and he headed today, together with his other 3 sons, to stop the wedding and punish the man who bewitched his daughter.

Behind him, three of his sons, each and one of them holding a rifle in their hands, were watching this scene with their mouths open.

You witch!” the senior shouted to Maria. “Get away from my daughter!” and while saying this he reached his hands and grabbed Marta, pulling her behind him.

In the meanwhile, Mox managed to rise to his feet and was making signs to Maria to settle down. Mox was scared out of his wits, because she looked like she was about to throw herself over the old man.

Maria, get over here, don’t make any more trouble” he whispered to her.

Why are you whispering? Who are these people?” Maria played innocent like she didn’t realize what it was happening.

Mox, you devil creature, you have corrupted my daughter! Boys, get him! And get that witch as well!” the old man shouted.

Oh, fuck!” Mox thought. He grabbed Maria’s hand and headed to a side door, trying to escape.

Marta’s brothers were quick on their feet and followed them as soon as possible. It was a small church, so it wasn’t a long distance to cover.

Mox reached the door and opened it, thinking that he found a way out, but his hopes crashed and he saw another member of Marta’s family waiting there.

A big punch was launched toward his face, making Mox to back down a few steps, only to be grabbed from behind by the other pursuers.

A small scuffle started, with punches and kicks thrown everywhere. But, it was 4 vs 1, no matter how an experienced fighter Mox was, he couldn’t overcome four people. Well, it was actually, 4 vs 2, but how could Maria change the course of the fight? She received no mercy, getting her share of punches, falling unconscious on the floor of the church.

Mox hasn't got knocked out, but he was put down and tied up like a calf. Both hands and legs were tied tight, so tight that he couldn’t move a muscle. His face was blue and purple from all the hits and his nose couldn’t stop running.

On the side, Marta was crying her brains out, begging her brothers to stop, but no one would listen to her cries. Only after the fight, she runned toward Mox and cleaned his face, to her father's discontent.

Let’s go back, take them to the compound. We will decide the punishment there” the old man said, leaving the church, followed by the rest of the party.

One of the men dragged Mox by the rope while another one took Maria on his shoulder, like a sack of potatoes.

The priest, who was hiding all this time under the altar, raise his head up.

This is bad, this is bad. I have to go and let the sheriff know about this”.

This concludes part 4. Who do you want to story to progress next? Pick your choice here https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/H7H8SYK
Will Mox and Maria find their punishment? Or they will manage to escape somehow? Or maybe, the priest manages to find the sheriff in time to save the rowdy couple.

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