[Interactive story] The adventures of Mister Mox -Part 3

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The adventures of Mister Mox is an interactive story, meaning that you can chose the course of the story, by voting how the story will progress after each part. You can read the previous part in here
After counting the survey votes, the voice that interrupted the wedding in the last part, was the voice of a woman in black, from Mox's past. Who is she? We are finding out in part 3

At the entrance of the church there was a woman in black. Red hair was falling her shoulder and from her green eyes you could see fire. She was a beautiful looking woman, the black dress that she was wearing was highlighting her well proportionate figure, with big breasts and a small waist.

She was furious, her cheeks were red and her chest was moving up and down.

Mox Moxley the 3rd, you are damned rascal, I finally found out after all this time” she said while walking towards Mox.

Maria?” Mox said with surprise “Maria, how good to see how. It’s been a long time” he said with a fake enthusiasm.

It’s been a long time my ass. Come here and take your beating” Maria was walking down the aisle, holding her umbrella like a weapon. Surely, her intent was to beat Mox with that umbrella. “Mox, Mox… down hide, be a man. Don’t hide behind a woman. Come down here and take your beating like a man. Who is this blonde bimbo. Is this a wedding? Fuck, you damn pervert. Now I really want to beat you down. Do you believe me that I’ll shove this umbrella up your ass if you make me really mad?” Maria talked furiously as she was trying to hit Mox with her umbrella, but the fact that Mox hid behind Marta and was using her as a shield made it harder.

Poor Marta was so shocked that she wasn’t saying a word, while the priest had a grin on his face from ear to ear.

After a few minutes of hide and seek, where Mox was trying to pacify Maria from hitting him, he got mad. Because Maria didn't care if she hit Marta or not, she was using her umbrella like a club, swinging it like crazy around the church.

Maria, that is enough” Mox yelled and grabbed the umbrella from Maria’s hands. But Maria didn’t care that she lost her weapon. She started to throw punches and kicks, hitting Mox directly into his balls, making him fall on his knees.

You fucking bitch. Really?” Mox cried because of the pain, rolling on the church floor.

Be a man and stop crying” she said while kneeled near him and give him a big a long kiss.

Seeing this, Marta, petrified until now, managed to open her mouth for the first time in the last few minutes.

Who, who are you? Why are you hitting him? Why are you kissing him?

Who am I? I’m his fiance” Maria said while taking a seat and patting down her dress. "You are is fiance as well. That’s ok. I don’t mind sharing. You can proceed with the wedding, I’ll wait…. Or better. Oi, drunk priest, can you make a double wedding?” she asked the priest who was holding his laughter.

This crazy attitude made me leave you, you goddamn bitch” Mox rose up, holding his crotch. “I thought I was clear that I’m not going to marry you. Marta, my dear, this is all a misunderstanding”.

Misunderstanding my ass. You left me at the altar and run like the little bitch you are. Not even leaving a note” Maria rebuked Mox. “Like I said, I don’t mind sharing. Little blonde bimbo, do you want to become sisters in laws?” Maria said, walking up towards Marta and looking into her blue eyes. “You have nice lips, can I kiss them?” and without waiting for an answer she kissed Marta very passionately.

Outside the church, a crowd could be heard. Noises of men and horses.

What the hell is happening in here?” a furious voice could be heard.

This concludes part 3. Who are the people arriving now to the party? It is someone from Marta's side? Her family or maybe her other fiance? Or Maria brought her own troubles with her?
Cast your votes on this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JF53DZV and be sure to stay in check for the next part that will arrive as soon as possible.

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