[Interactive story] The adventures of Mister Mox - Part 2

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We are here once again with a new addition of Mox's adventures. Last time Mox was late for something and, after counting the one vote that I cast, he was late for his wedding.
The adventures of Mister Mox is an interactive story, meaning that you can chose the course of the story, by voting how the story will progress after each part. You can read the previous part in here

Clip,clop, clip,clop, clip, clop,clip,clop,clip,clop,clip,clop,clip,clop,clip,clop,clip,clop,clip,clop.

The hoofs of Rosa loudly echoed off the road made of stone. Max was begging her to run a little bit faster, but the horse kept the same pace, not listening to her master.

This was an usual sight in the little town of Plat. Rosa was famous for her stubbornness, very similar to one of a mule.

The town was full of life. Most of the woke up at the crack of dawn to tend to their business. Not like some other people we know, right, my dear read?

Oh look, is Mox and Rosa.” someone shouted when Mox arrived in the central square.

Hey Mox, are you trying to set a new trend?” laughs could be heard everywhere.

And indeed, Mox’s attire was a little bit strange. On his head, then he had a yellow hat, just like his cat from home. His coat was of bright red and his shirt was royal blue. In his feet, he had white shoes and his socks were unmatched. One green, one white. He looked like a clown.

But Mox ignored the mocking and headed straight for the church where his bride was waiting for him.

In the church’s yard, on a small bench, under an apple tree, his wife was waiting for him. In a small white dress, that covered her legs just an inch below the knee, she was looking with teary eyes at him while he walked into the courtyard.

He she saw him she furiously run to him and started to softly hit him in the chest. Mox placed his hands on her back and hold her tight on his chest. Softly caressing her curly blond, he holds her still until she calmed down.

I’m here now, aren’t I?” Mox told her, looking at her teary blue eyes.

Marta, this was the bride’s name, nodded at him, sticking out her tongue and showing a beautiful smile that could make one’s heart melt.

Come on, let’s get ourselves married, my love” Mox took her hand and headed towards the church. “Where is that damn priest?

Dan went to look after him, he wasn’t here when we arrived”, Marta answers with her lovely voice.

Dan was Marta’s younger brother. He accompanied her today for this special event. You might wonder why nobody else from their family would be present on such an occasion, and you are right to ask that. The reason is quite simple. Marta is eloping with Mox, they are married in secret. They are doing this because her family wants to be married to another man, wealthier and classier than Mox.

After a few minutes of Mox’s arrival, Dan showed up with the priest as well. The priest clothes were full of dirt and hay, he smelled like a brewery and could barely walk. If Dan didn’t support him, he looked like he could fall in any moment.

Hic, Mox, you look better that I expect. When did you leave last night?” the priest asked when he saw Mox. Both of them were drinking buddies and the priest was one of the people that joined Mox in a drinking contest last night, making both of them late for this ceremony.

Shut up you old bastard! Don’t spew nonsense. Get us married. Hurry up” Mox said while kicking the priest in the ass.

Soon enough, everything was set in the church and the priest began the ceremony.

In the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost ” he began reciting from the book…..(a few minutes of reading later)

Mox, do you take this lovely child as a wife?

I do

Marta, sweet child, do you take this ox of Mox as a husband” the priest couldn’t help to throw an insult toward his friend.

Stop this nonsense right now” a voice was heard at the entrance of the church, making Mox’s heart skip a beat when he heard it.

This conclude the second part. You can now choose how the story will progress. Who is the person that is interrupting the meeting? Is Marta's father, that found out about the ceremony? Is Marta's other suitor, desired by her family? Or is someone else from Mox's past, a mysterious woman in black?
Cast your votes on this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/6PVBXSQ and be sure to stay in check for the next part that will arrive as soon as possible.

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