[Interactive story] The adventures of Mister Mox - Part 1

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I thought it would be interesting to write an interactive story. What does this mean? I will write the story and you will chose the direction of it. At the end of each part I will give you 3 option on how to continue the story and the one with the most votes will be the way I will write the story. I hope you guys will enjoy this as much I me. Let's create a story together

Mister Mox woke up with a headache. He spent last night drinking with his buddies in town and come home late.

A small glimpse of sunshine slipped through the cracks of the curtains, dancing all over his face, making him to leave the realm of dreams.

With a heavy head, he woke up and looked at the clock. The big arm was at 6, the little one was at 9. Seeing this, Mister Mox rose from the bed in that very second.

“Oh, Lord, oh, lord, oh lord. I’m late, I’m late, I’m late. I’m going to get killed this time. I shouldn’t have drunk that much, I shouldn’t have, I shouldn’t.” he said all of this while washing his face and brushing his teeth.

“Not this shirt, where did I put my pants?”

His room was a mess. His clothes were all over the place.

“Muffle, did you see my hat?” he asked the yellow cat that was sitting on the table. The cat looked at Mox and said a meow. “Thank you”, Mox said to his cat, after finding his hat.

He took his coat and left the house, only to return a second later.

“Some mint, I need some mint. Rosa won’t like it, if I smell like brew” he mumbled while taking some mint leaves from a cup and started to chew them.

Rosa was his horse. A beautiful black mare, that shined in the sun. It was named Rosa, because she had a white spot on her left back leg, that resembled a rose.

Mox entered the barn, saying a good morning to his mare, preparing the saddle. Even though Mox chewed mint all the way, the distance from the house to the barn wasn’t that long. So he still had a faint smell of beer on his breath. Very sensitive, Rosa started to act strangely, not letting Mox get into the saddle.

“Rosa, Rosa, Rosa, listen to me” Mox said while holding the bridle. “I really need you to be a good girl. I know I smell funny and you don’t like it. I know that. But I need you to be a good girl and help me right now. It’s important as life!” and he gave her a kiss on the muzzle.

Rosa gave a short “Hmph”, indicating that she didn’t like that kiss, but she settled down, letting Mox going up on the saddle.

“Let’s go Rosa, full speed ahead. I’m so dead for being late!”

This part reached it's end. Where was Mister Mox late? You decide. In this link https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NSL3J9Q you will find three options. Mister Mox was late to his wedding ( that would be really bad wouldn't it?) or maybe he was late to his job. Or he just had a very important meeting and forgot about it. It's your choice on how the story will go and progress. I will try to keep a daily pace, so each day I will collect the answers and create the story best on the choice with the most answers, but there might be some days where I can't post the story, because .... life.
Nevertheless, I will wait for your answers and see how the story goes. Please let me know that you think about this idea, in the comments

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