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I love sprot. I watch it all the time. I've got all the sprot's channels. Because I'm a man. The best way to prove you're a man is to love sprots. I can't really list a favorite. I love them all equally in a 100% heterosexual manner. Not that there's anything wrong with loving sprot in a homosexual manner. It's fine by me. I'm just 100% hetero. So I don't notice all the homoeroticism that competitive male sprot involves. I like glof, fallboot, squish, tinnitus (Can't wait for Wembledon and I'm watching the Franch Opening as I write this). I haven't got a particular sprots team I follow. Not since they all issued restraining orders. Baskingball and hacky are nice to. Hacky is great for all the fights. As a man I love fighting, especially on ice. That's why I'd dearly love to get wrongside at a professional bixong mash. Only I can't afford the $1900 tickets to sit behind a pillar in a cold roofless warehouse while being sexually abused by another 100% heterosexual man. Bodmington is something I don't watch much, but every Olympics I become an expert on bitch bellyball. I don't watch it for the scantily clad women throwing themselves onto the sand. I might be 100% heterosexual, but I'm not into raping semi naked women with my eyes. I do that with my penis. Okay I'm there holding my penis, while I watch them, not in a sexual way though. It's more a preventative measure to stop my penis escaping again. I mean it's rock hard and gagging for pussy. So I need to keep a firm well lubricated grip on it. Okay I do stroke it while I'm appreciating the athleticism of those scantily clad ladies. In much the same way as I watch jimmynastitrics avidly. All the while applauding those tight, lithe, extremely bendy bodies in a purely sprot related way. It's not about those firm young breasts, it's about appreciating all the hard work that goes into making them bounce about like that. Become an avid sprots follower like me. Be careful though. Don't get any of that appreciation of the female athletic form in you eyes. It stings like fuck.

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Scarlet and Jake exchanged meaningful looks. What their meaning was, Jake had no idea. Fetu was stretching and rubbing his jaw at the same time. Rotating those shoulder joints. Limbering up you might say.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Jake asked her.
"That Fetu is attempting to lure us to him so he can satiate his lust on our helpless bodies?"
"No. I'm not thinking that at all. Pop over there and give him a couple of your protein bars."
He looked at her caustically.
"Do you think that's a good idea? Fueling him up? Why don't you give him one of yours?"
Scarlet was cramming one into her mouth, straight from the wrapper.
"This is my last one." She mumbled through her full mouth. Jake gave her his best disapproving scowl. "What? I'm starving as well."
"I'm not going anywhere near him until I know it's safe. Hermes? Any ideas?" Before his AI could respond Jake amended his request. "About why Fetu isn't running rampant. Not about preparing for imminent involuntary buggery."
He could hear the organic computer at work.
"Without a full DNA and physiological scan, It's hard to say. Get a bit closer so I can scan his vitals."
"Fuck off." Jake retorted dimissively. "How likely is it that Fetu is immune to the aphrodisiac effects?"
"He took a lot of those darts. Yet they didn't knock him down. Even given his size it does indicate he has some natural resistance to the toxin. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say he's fine. Safe to approach. With extreme caution."
"That's me going out on a limb, not you. You'll be fine whatever happens."
Scarlet pulled him back into the corridor they'd entered from.
"Look. We need to get a move on. The others are in peril. Now go and see if it's safe to approach Fetu."
Scarlet looked at him, scandalized.
"You'd leave your friends in danger?"
"Why not? You would." He stopped himself mid cowardly excuse. "Fine, but you're coming with me. I'm not setting foot in there without you. You can stay back behind me. Not too far though. If he jumps me the two of us might be able to fight him off."
The swiftness of her response did seem suspicious. He didn't have enough time to investigate.
"Right. I'm going back in. You stay no more than two paces behind me."
"You promise?"
"Cross my heart."

He stepped out into the main chamber his eyes locked on Scarlet behind him. She followed slowly. Gave him a reassuring smile. It failed miserably. Another few steps another look back. Still there and still encouraging him onward. Jake looked at Fetu for the first time. He was seated on the floor his back against one of those columns. Columns that were now clearly much more than that. They had curiously shaped tiles with some script on them. While he'd been gone the whole place had lit up. This would need investigating at some point. There were other priorities right now. He took a another couple of hesitant steps. Bringing him to within a few meters of the seated man. Jake reached into a pocket, pulling out 2 nutrition bars. Which he held out in what could only be described as a protective manner.

"You still hungry?" The sound of rapidly receding footsteps behind him, made him pause.
"I'm still right behind you." She called. "I got your back Sparky."
Well played, was all he could think. Right now he dared not take his attention off his potential rapist.
"Yeah. Thanks." Fetu responded, moving to get up.
"You stay right there big fella. Conserve your energy. I'll bring these... I'll throw these to you."
Those big hands snatched the two bars out of the air. Compared to the way Scarlet had just gobbled hers down, Fetu was refined. Peeling back the wrapper and taking a bite.
"Ask him how he's feeling. Generally." Came the instructions from a long way behind him.
"Or, you could come out here and ask him yourself. If you're that interested?"
"No I'm fine right here thanks."
Something about the sound of her voice raised more suspicions.
"You're eating aren't you?"
"Not necessarily... Okay. Yes I am. This is definitely my last bar though. Promise. You've got loads of them. Your pockets and pouches are stuffed. I only had 2."
His eyes were locked on Fetu. Who was looking at him and had cast a couple of peeps in Scarlet's direction. His expression was , as always, unreadable. Although if Jake had to put money on it he'd have gone for puzzled or maybe disappointed.
"Are you two alright?" The leviathan asked.
Jake twitched painfully as the Polynesian rose from the sitting position.
"Yeah. We're fine. You know how it is between me and Scarlet. I trust her then, she abuses that trust. Throws me to the wolves without a second thought. Betrays me at every turn."
"I can hear you, you know." She called from her refuge. "Stop bitching and start inquiring."
Fetu was upright and limbering up again.
"So big guy. How do you feel? Generally."
"Bit stiff." Jake's heart stopped as inappropriate adult images entered his head. "Must have been the way I was laying."
Relief flowed through him.
"Still hungry?"
"Nah. Still miss Sade though."
Time to change the angle here. Get to the root of the matter.
"Say she were here now, what would you like to do to her? No need to go into graphic detail."
"I'd like to hold her."
This was like pulling teeth. Although to be fair for, the normally reticent, Fetu this was a long soliloquy.
"A bit more detail than that. In what way would you hold her?"
"That don't matter. I just want her here. I like her voice and her smell. Shouldn't we be getting after the others?"
Although not completely sure, Jake took another few steps. Bringing him well within reach of those long arms. Nothing happened.
"It's okay Scarlet. It's safe to come out." Purely as an act of petty revenge he waited for her to get closer. "Oh shit I was wrong run away." He yelled.
To his delight she actually made as if to flee, before she realized he was joking. It was a small victory. One he would cherish nonetheless.

For some, as yet inexplicable, reason Fetu was partially immune to the tranquilizing effect and completely immune to the aphrodisiac. He was quickly filled in on everything that had happened. He grasped his ax. Which, given he still had it, indicated it was only second in his affections to Sade. They needed a plan. The odds were that both sides of the fall would be teeming with natives and possibly a few of those bandits. meaning if they used that exit they'd have to fight their way out. Whichever side they chose would leave them vulnerable to those behind them. Even though they were all skilled fighters there was no guarantee they'd be successful. If they were successful Colin and the rest of the bandits would be forewarned. There was no telling what that little shit would do in those circumstances to save his own neck. The only way out was through the tunnel to the opening Jake had discovered. Without ropes the climb would be difficult and time consuming. They had no resources and Jake's supply of nutrition bars wouldn't last that long.

He was no expert in these matters, but Jake was of the opinion they were currently royally screwed. It was looking like they'd have to risk everything in a full all out assault hoping to drive their way through the opposing forces. The one piece of good news was that given the number of those darts that had struck the others, they'd be out for hours yet. When they awoke though, things would be different. It didn't take too much imagination to posit Colin would be there to take advantage of the effects when the women woke up at the very least. With nothing to hand and nothing to work with, the three of them began to explore the chamber fully. There was a slim chance there was at least one more exit from the place. The three of them split up, taking a third of the chamber each. The walls first, then the floors if that proved fruitless.

The rock was the same bluish sheen as the rest of the place. When they'd gone over them by touch and sight, they moved on to inspecting the floor. A quick check showed the lighting, whatever it was and wherever it came from, extended down to the entrance they'd used. Not that this was much use. All this time their enemies could have been preparing a coordinated assault. Not likely from what Jake had heard. They would be taking the safe option of waiting until they'd starved them out. It was much lower risk. The three of them consulted. They had few choices here. Another inspection of the walls being the main one. This time they would explore different sections to those they'd explored previously. In the hope one of them would pick up something that had been missed. Fetu volunteered a comment for once.

"These pillars, what's the writing on them do think. Only sometimes it kind of twinkles."
It wasn't something either of the others had noticed. Scarlet moved up to the nearest one. Running her eyes over the tiles petroglyphs. They might hieroglyphs. They were glyph's.
"It's not like anything I've ever seen." Scarlet mused. "It definitely wasn't some bronze age culture that produced these. I haven't seen two that are the same. Damn, if only my firewave could work out here. It might have something in its data banks. I pick up whatever I can. Got 4 terabytes of data on it I've never had the chance to examine."
Purely for something to occupy his hands, Jake pulled his own from his pocket. It was dead of course. He hadn't used it for quite some time. At least a couple of weeks ago. On board ship. Oh balls. He was missing his nerds again. He tapped it against his hand, then against his chin as he tried to think creative thoughts. He was running on empty here. Scarlet and Fetu had been through scores of situations of this nature. So had he, except in different lives. None of that was available to him right now. He tapped it against the column in front of him distractedly.

"Did you hear that?" Scarlet cocked her head, listening keenly.
"I was tapping my firewave on the column." Jake explained.
"I know." She announced sternly. "It's really annoying, but it wasn't that. Now shut up and listen."
It was at the limit of his hearing. A high pitched chime. They all looked around for the source. Which was illusive. Jake tried to pocket his firewave. So intent on listening that he missed. Barely managing to catch it before it hit the floor. It was robust. The fall wouldn't have done any damage. Even if it had the thing could self repair most harm it suffered.
"Scarlet?" He gazed at his device. "I think you should turn on your firewave."
She didn't even bother looking at him. Still trying to find where that near subliminal noise was coming from.
"Why the hell would I do something as stupid and pointless as that?"
She tried to shrug off the hand he placed on her shoulder. Nothing personal, he knew, she was mad because their friends were in danger and there was nothing they could do. The look she gave him when he insisted could have stripped paint off a door at a hundred paces. He pushed his own firewave into her face.
"Because mine has just asked you to do so."

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