Lady's mercy elementary

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1st class - History

"May the Lady Liberator shine your path!"

"May the Lady Liberator brighten your future!" - all students responded to the teacher's greeting.

"You may sit now." - Mrs Volichkov was ever boring and dry, just like her class, history. She continued in the same monotone voice "As you are all aware, tomorrow is our biggest holiday, the Freedom Day. So who can tell me, why is this day so important for us?"

The only raised hand was that of a freckled little blonde girl in the third row.

Mrs Volichkov rolled her eyes, knowing this won't end well - "Yes Maja, please tell us!"

Maja enthusiastically rose foolishly trying to impress her teacher - "Freedom Day is special because on that day mothers and grandmothers give us gifts."

"Sit down. No Maja, that is not the reason. You will stay after classes, again. You will write a 500-word essay on the theme - Why I love the Lady Liberator. "

Poor girl sat down. Third time this month, this will be hard to explain back home. Luna didn't feel sorry for Maya. She should know better than to speak about the Lady without knowing the facts. Luna figured that this now is a probably good time to save the day, so she rose confidently, fixing her already perfect black hair which was tied in a bun. She looked highly representable, just what would someone expect from a student of the Lady's mercy elementary school.

"Freedom Day is special for us, because on that day, 62 years ago our Lady Liberator freed us from the oppressive clutches of a vile gender called men and laid a foundation of a perfect society we are living in now."

Mrs Volichkov's voice remained calm, but her eyes flickered a little - "Exactly Luna, you are correct, as always. Ladies, Luna here is a perfect example of the bright future Lady Liberator had envisioned. Now girls, let us continue with our lessons. Turn your books on page 134, the title is - The Oppression of Women in the 22nd century ."

2nd class - Social studies

Young girls in perfect white dresses filled the seats in the classroom quietly and in an orderly fashion. They were synchronised and organised to that level that the group as a whole resembled a white machine., and Mrs Konchar was proud seeing them like this. But these little heads need more than just discipline, they need food for further growth, so Mrs Konchar started the class:

"May the Lady Liberator shine your path!"

"May the Lady Liberator brighten your future!"

"Children, I hope you have studied because today is quiz day." - Mrs Konchar searched the room for signs of fear or maybe anger. But she found none. Truly a magnificent class.


After the papers have been handed out Mrs Konchar signalled the start of the exam. Girls grabbed their pencils, and their knowledge was put to a test.
Luna first glanced all questions. It would seem nothing too difficult. So she started.

1. What was the method did Lady Liberator choose to deliver the righteous wrath on a degenerative male gender?

"Quite easy..." A genetic virus called Freedom that attacked all bearers of Y chromosome.

2.In the holy book written by Lady Liberator "Prosperity is a woman", why is the male gender threat to the future?

"hmmmm... How to summarize it? I will try "

Male gender has become obsolete. While their aggressiveness had been useful in the past for protection against predators, eventually it evolved into a threat for the entire human race. Their constant struggle for power in combination with their inherent aggressiveness resulted in 3 world wars and other numerous conflicts, while their relationship towards woman was more of a master-slave relation than a relationship based on equal terms.

"I just hope it is not too long."

3. How has procreation changed since the Liberation?

"Nah, this test is too easy."

Before the Liberation women were forced into violent bodily intercourse. This was a way of procreation, but also a way for humiliating women. After the Liberation were freed from this obnoxious practice. Thanks to the genius of Lady Liberator, She created a procedure that enables mothers to extract the genes they wish to be implemented in their children. The procedure can be done only in government institutions called Hatcheries.

"Now of to question number 4"

Just as Luna was about to concentrate on the next one, she was interrupted by a subtle stab in the back. At first, she paid no attention to it. It would be highly inappropriate to turn during school time, especially during the exam. She felt two more jabs than a silent whisper from behind. It was Maya.
"2nd one, please"

After a few moments of silence, Luna heard another whisper
"2nd question. Please, Luna, I know you can hear me. I cannot mess up this exam also. My moms will send me to re-education."

Luna just wanted all this to end. It was impossible to concentrate on the exam with constant interruptions from behind. But the whisper grew louder.

"Luna, I am desperate, please."

Unfortunately for Maya, whispering grew loud enough to reach the ears of Mrs Konchar. She was infuriated instantly. She rose so fast that the chair was thrown several meters backwards. Teachers eyes darkened, her lips tightened, her fists clutched. Mrs Konchar became the embodiment of righteous fury -

"Maya Golovko. How dare you. Get up from your chair and come here immediately. If you try to make any excuses it will only get worse. Actually, you don't deserve to open your mouth at all. Ever again."

Faced with awfull punishment, Maya was sobbing and shaking. From this moment on, her life was officially over. Beating she is about to receive is nothing compared to what comes next. In front of twenty-three girls now stood a frightened girl on the verge of breaking and a teacher who is about to give an important life-lesson to everyone present in the room.

"Girls, before you stands a cheater, a deceiver. She is not worthy to stand in the same room as we. She is a relic of an era before our Lady's arrival. She is the filth we aspire to transcend. She has no room in our society. She, in fact, does not deserve to wear thee clothes. Maya, take it off. Now. "

With shaking hands, the girl took off the school uniform.

"My innocent little girls. Our society is one of virtue and morale. In our society, there is no room for this kind of behaviour. Being kind as we are, we will give our sinner a second chance. But only after a process of realignment. Witness the consequences of her foul actions."

As Mrs Konchar was physically punishing Maya, students looked at the sight in front of them without the slightest demonstration of emotion. The only sounds in the room were the cries of the punished one.

After the girl fell to her knees, the teacher stopped.

"You see girls, in the end, the corruption gives way. She will now be taken to re-education facility, so that one day she may rejoice with all of us again."

"May the Lady Liberator shine your path!"

"May the Lady Liberator brighten your future!"


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Hahahaha, we could have a worse future than this but I see your point. Going to extremes and fanaticism is always bad.

Every regime is about propaganda, even the modern societies are convincing us that their system is the best one, and there is no alternative.

"May the Lady Liberator shine your path!"
minus the poor school system, it must be a real nice place

May the Lady Liberator brighten your future!

I guess that goes for every fascist regime. Maybe even someone in the near future will consider our society and schooling system ridiculous.

we love writing! upvoted!

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