Kozeni (小銭) - The Sneaky Ninja - Backstory Part 2

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Kozeni (小銭)
The Sneaky Ninja
Backstory Part 2
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If you have not read part 1 to my backstory it is here:
Kozeni (小銭) - The Sneaky Ninja - Backstory Part 1

Ok, where was I...

Oh Yea!

Last time I had just defeated the great Kōkoku no Doragon (広告のドラゴン) and with nothing left to do I continued to train...

and train i did..

All day, every day.

The training was very hard.

Though I loved it so, I kept feeling like I was missing something.

Since my greatest quest had been won, what was there for me now?

What was I now training for?

So i started taking walks in hopes of finding my inner purpose.

I walked deep into the forest and would be gone from the temple much of the day.

It was peaceful and gave me time to think.

One day I was walking very far from the temple and I heard a sound.

I was not used to anyone being in this forest so it put me on high alert.

When I drew near, I approached with great caution...

Closer and closer I drew until alas!

I saw her...

Kusari sneaky ninja girlfriend.jpg

Her name was Kusari (鎖), she was the most beautiful ninja I had ever seen!

I was mesmerized!

Who was she?

Where did she come from?

Why was she training clear out here in the forest like this?

Why does she bare the symbol of the great power of Jōki (蒸気)?

My head was swarming with questions but all I could do is watch.

The way she moved, i had seen nothing like it before.

She was fierce!

It was love at first star!

There was magic in the air!

From what she told me, Masutāfeisubukku (マスターフェイスブック) did not want her near the temple so she trained far on the other side of the land and never dared come near.

Apparently he had told us both that there was only one born with the power of Jōki (蒸気).

Why was he keeping us separate?

Why did he tell us both that we were the only ones?

It was immediately apparent that he did not want us to meet.

Mesmerized by her beauty, and more than a few primal urges, I let all of those questions go.

We fell in love right away but we kept our love a secret.

Things of this nature were forbidden in the temple as they create distractions that weaken our training.

Not to mention Masutāfeisubukku (マスターフェイスブック) for some reason did not want us to know about each other.

So, I would sneak off to the forest each day and train with her.

I will say, growing up in the forest had made her training a bit different than mine.

I paid it no mind, blinded by desire.

She had a small cabin there in the jungle.

we would go there and...

You know...

Train. 😊

She was wonderful and we were madly in love!

Our love was strong, passionate and fierce!

I felt no longer like there was something missing...

I now felt somehow complete....

Until one day when everything changed!

To be continued...


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Kozeni (小銭)Coin or Spare Change
Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア)Social Media (village I grew up in)
Intānetto (インターネット)Internet (Mt. village & temple are on)
Jōki (蒸気)Steam (Steem)
Sukina Jiin (好きな寺院)Temple of Likes
Sukinahito (好きな人)Likes (technique tought at temple)
Kyōyū (共有)Sharing (technique tought at temple)
Masutāfeisubukku (マスターフェイスブック)Master Face Book
Kōkoku no Doragon (広告のドラゴン)Dragon of Advertising
Komyuniti (コミュニティ)Community (name of sacred scroll)
Kusari (鎖)Chain (His Girlfriend)

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Another fantastic edition!

family ninja haha



I truly love this 😊 what an amazing job you have done on story 2 and it just gets better and better 😉👍 Awesome!
Sneaky-ninja Yeay now we know you a little bit more. 👉Thank you👈

In each day we grow...

In each day we learn more...


Well said 😉👍 nailed it

my protector ya ya ya ya ay

here is my ninja cat ahhahausuhauhauha



too funny!

Too funny!


we would go there and...

You know...

Train. 😊


training is all i know ;)


lol! this was hilarious :) great story, best thing i've read all day :D

Thanks be to you!

Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア) will always be safe so long as my powers of Jōki (蒸気) remain strong!


got me sitting on the edge of my seat.. errr couch .. next installment real soon .. right ?

many moons will pass....

not really, soon yes...


Another great edition to the story but leaving us in suspense :)

Suspense, yes...

The enticement ensues..


Entertaining story. I also read the first one. Very original!

Many thanks!

really compact



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Good post @sneaky-ninja

many thanks!


Lol, this is excellent. How did I miss part 1! I am off to look. :0)

Many thanks...


Very entertaining...upvoted and followed😊

many thanks!



Waiting for more! Nice post!

Ooh! Those guys taking the nut shots are insane. Do not try this at home!

Yes, training at the temple was hard but I loved it so...


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many thanks...


ninjaaa 😍 There was magic in the air!

we were training...

I swear ;)


♫Ninja Survive♫

I live to fight many battles!


Holy smokes this lil ninja is fast!!!

Many thanks to you sister @awarenessraiser.

May we face many a battle together!


Fantastic story

Many more to come...


I like to learn Japanese from you! Keep good content coming!

Learn you shall the ways of broken Japanese!

Together we will fight!


hahaha sure!

@sneaky-ninja How can i become alliance member??

All you seek is here:


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Aha! and read you did...