Kozeni (小銭) - The Sneaky Ninja - Backstory Part 1

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Kozeni (小銭)
The Sneaky Ninja
Backstory Part 1


My name is Kozeni (小銭).
I am the Sneaky Ninja!


Sworn protector and defender of #thealliance!

But I wasn’t always loyal to #thealliance.

No, no...

My story begins long before that.

Let me start from the beginning:
(Translations at bottom of page.)

You see, I was born many years ago in a village called Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア) at the foothills of Mt. Intānetto (インターネット).

I was born with a mighty power in me, a power none had ever seen before.

The power of Jōki (蒸気).

Even as a small baby it was apparent that the power of Jōki (蒸気) was ferocious within me.

No one had ever seen this type of power before, it was fierce and unwavering!

My parents, stricken with fear and awe, saw immediately that such power could not be contained so they brought me here, to Sukina Jiin (好きな寺院).

Sukina-Jiin Temple of Liking.jpg

The great Temple of Likes, high atop Mt. Intānetto (インターネット).

It is here that they left me to be trained in the ancient ways of shadow voting.

Fearful of my power and knowing that my love for them would only distract my training, they never returned again.

It was here that I met the monks of Sukina Jiin (好きな寺院).

The monks immediately saw that I had great power and the master, Masutāfeisubukku (マスターフェイスブック) took me as his apprentice.

You see, master knew of an ancient prophecy from the scrolls of Komyuniti (コミュニティ) that foretold of a child born with a mystical power called Jōki (蒸気).

A power none had seen before, not even Masutāfeisubukku (マスターフェイスブック).

Using this power, this child was destined to defeat Kōkoku no Doragon (広告のドラゴン), and free the village of Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア) forever.

It was through him that I learned the sacred techniques of Sukinahito (好きな人) and Kyōyū (共有).

We trained every day!

We trained hard!

The master told me that someday I would be the defender and sworn protector of the temple and all the monks.

He also told me of Kōkoku no Doragon (広告のドラゴン) and my destiny according to the scroll of Komyuniti (コミュニティ) .

Kōkoku no Doragon (広告のドラゴン) lived deep in the mountain and came to the temple once per generation to raid our coin!

He said that every generation a new warrior is trained to take on the dragon.

Every generation thus far has failed and the dragon has seized all the coin of the temple.

Leaving the monks to rebuild their stash of coin each time using their combined powers of shadow voting.

Our master, Masutāfeisubukku (マスターフェイスブック), was that fallen warrior last generation and barely left with his life.

So we continued to train...

And train...

And Train!

Awaiting the day when I would face the fierce dragon, Kōkoku no Doragon (広告のドラゴン).

And alas, that day came!

The dragon came in the light of day, confident he would yet again raid our coin.

Little did he know that our master, Masutāfeisubukku (マスターフェイスブック), had been training a warrior born with the true power of Jōki!

Kōkoku no Doragon (広告のドラゴン) was a fierce opponent!

Yet he was no match for me, Kozeni (小銭), The Sneaky Ninja, sworn defender and protector of Sukina Jiin (好きな寺院)!

I was a hero!

Never again would Kōkoku no Doragon (広告のドラゴン) come for our coin!

Not knowing what to do now that I have defeated Kōkoku no Doragon (広告のドラゴン), I did the only thing I knew...

I continued to train.

Until one day when everything changed!

To be continued...


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Please Read:

These are Japanese translations of names mentioned in the story.


Reading these translations will give you deeper understanding of this story.
If laughing occurs from the story or any of these translations, wonderful!
If laughing persists for over 4 hours please see a professional.
These translations were taken from Google Translate and may not be 100% accurate.
They were taken from entering their English counterpart into translator.

Kozeni (小銭)Coin or Spare Change
Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア)Social Media (village I grew up in)
Intānetto (インターネット)Internet (Mt. village & temple are on)
Jōki (蒸気)Steam (Steem)
Sukina Jiin (好きな寺院)Temple of Likes
Sukinahito (好きな人)Likes (technique tought at temple)
Kyōyū (共有)Sharing (technique tought at temple)
Masutāfeisubukku (マスターフェイスブック)Master Face Book
Kōkoku no Doragon (広告のドラゴン)Dragon of Advertising
Komyuniti (コミュニティ)Community (name of sacred scroll)


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very nice


This is so fun, love seeing this come to fruition!

This I know master weapons forger @enginewitty!


Great story!
I was at The great Temple of Likes, high atop Mt. Intānetto. I know where that is.
Take care!

yes, Masutāfeisubukku (マスターフェイスブック) rules with an iron fist!


I might have to se an professional cause I laughed hard 😂😂😂 so much fun.
Loved the trainings and the whole story is like gold💲 Sneaky-ninja our own badass protector 🤗🤗🤗🤗

I love you story @sneaky-ninja! Can't wait to read more about you. #thealliance will be forever grateful for you choosing to help them 😉

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Our own protector 😉 sneaky-ninja
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And I carried far that day the man/woman from the village!


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That was fun. My fav ninja right now is the Sneaky Ninja!

Brilliant!!!! @sneaky-ninja our hero and defender! What a great idea to write him a backstory and then load it up with hilarious and jaw dropping gifs. 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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yes, part 2 is where we will learn....


Run as you may! You cannot escape...the Almighty Bunghole!

wowowo nice one!!1 hehe Im loving this all!!

This is awesome :) Love the whole backstory idea!

Keep this coming :P Talk soon.

Aww look who's here 😊 my friend 🤗 Yeay
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Many thanks fellow warrior...

Distant you have been...


Awesome, now we get to learn about our assassin!

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this ninja kids are amazing :) hope after training you will go to see the world and defeat all :)

next chapter it gets real!


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Love it, hilarious and fitting pics to go with it. :D

yes, a fitting story for a fitting warrior of Jōki (蒸気) :)



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Well done, it's even better once I figured out the translations at the bottom and took another read. I love all the photos and gifs of the kids training, they are awesome. So great fellows or ninja...

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you will continue to share more such posts in the days to come!

many more to come fellow Sōsharumedia (ソーシャルメディア) villager.



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hmmm.... Jōki (蒸気) is strong with this one...