And here, I wonder

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Two men, well fit in their 40's, one named Wright and the other is Abaddon; had wandered deep into a wooded area during a cloudy noon that had drizzled early. Their feet stomp on wet leaves in the middle of a sticky summer, but that didn't disturbed them having a nice chat to one of the other as they laugh their good times and miseries so they could move on.
There's the moment of silence as they are thinking what to bring up just to past the time.
Abaddon disturbs the silence "Wright, have you ever wondered?" he asks Wright.

"Wondered what?" Wright asks with a bit of a chuckle.

"What the meaning of life is?" Abaddon answers.

"What the meaning of life is? Are you seriously asking me that question that has been frequently asked by many others before?" Wright asked in a combination of playful and annoyance "Well, my personal answer, I believe there is no legit answer. All I know is just enjoy life as much as possible. Why bring it up?"

Abaddon replies "Because throughout my fair life, I had been hearing that and like you, there was no answer. Though my mind dwells on it even though I just want to enjoy other things like anyone would. But my mind kept dwelling and dwelling until I thought of this. Maybe it all depends on the individual."
Wright expresses curiosity; knowing that this isn't the first time but he is interested in what he has to say.
"Go on." Wright tells him. "Well, I remember one time where this lovely town folk is saying rhetoric stuff even though no one stood to hear his harold and one of the things he mentioned was "the human race is suppose to be pure." Abaddon chuckles after speaking his mind to him.

Wright interacts Abaddon politely "Let me guess, he wasn't making sense so you too moved on with your life like the others." "In fact I did, but later that week I saw the town folk once more after his sense of reality came back to him and I said to him, "Hey there, your nonsense made me pondered" he chuckled before telling me he was having bit of a down time, I personally couldn't remember as it wasn't my best interest besides, it's the same story, anyways he took interest on what I had in mind which is."

Abaddon puts his forehead against Wright's and has his hands on his shoulders and tells him "I told him "Mankind is the perfect beautiful abomination."
Anxious slowly crawls up Wright spine and into his whole body and the only that is breaking the silence are the singing of crows and ravens that are safely above them and afar.
Abaddon finishes telling him"And then something came to mind as we were walking on this lovely evening. We are a part of a dark comedy sketch in the mind of a mad god. Floating on this blue sphere. Floating in the dark mass ocean."

Reality then came back to Wright.

NOTE: I've written this in early 2017 and I wanted to post this with some edits.

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