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This is the first part of the fiction series

The sounds of moaning woke me up, this isn't the first time my sleep got disturbed. For an 8 year old boy, I saw and knew too much stuff for my age. I didn't chose this life, I guess my mom didn't either. By the way, my mom is a prostitute,I do not understand if it is a good thing or bad thing. However, the way world looks at me, makes me feel that I am no less than a piece of shit.


"Mommyyy", I gave a lazy shout.

"Get back to sleep", I heard my mom replying back.

She is with her client. Time is 1.45 am, I always tell her not to make those weird sounds, but my mom says, she has to make those sounds to get repeat business.

I was cursing myself and that damn client at this hour and slowly slipped into sleep.

"Mom, I want to go to school, I am tired of this home schooling", I whined.

"Not until next year", she replied without a thought.

"Till then we will have enough money to get you into good school", she added.

My mom is a beautiful middle aged women, I never knew how she got into this prostitution. She never shared her story, maybe she wants me to keep me away from the dark side of life.. she is very focused and quite protective about me. Even though she says her profession is worst thing to do in her life, she is quite optimistic and got strong will to move forward in life. In a way, I feel I am the anchor and the hope for her.

"But, why till next year.. why not now?", I sulked..

Mom didn't seem to care.

She has chores to do and get ready for the evening.

I really don't know if mom chose this path of life or ..whatever .. I am not sure if I could dare to ask her, maybe one day. I keep getting questions often, but me answering myself doesnt solve the riddle in my head.

I grabbed a piece of bread to nibble and stepped outside. There are kids on the street playing in the dirt, they seem to be least bothered about the life they are in. And it is evident when they dont let me play with them, I sense that I dont belong here.

I ran barefooted to the next ally, this is my favorite part of the day .. my heart races as I run to see kids playing in the playground. There is a big wall that separates the red light area from a big playground. I grabbed the little gaps in the wall and try to mount on top of it.

I sit here on top of this wall watching kids playing different games. Watching them play is very soothing, calms my mind.. I don't even know the names of the most games played here. They all look very different from the kids here.. their skin, hair and clothing .. all look different from ours.

As I watch them with smile on my face, wind blowing on my cheeks.. with one wish in my heart - one day I will play here..

continued to part # 2

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good story


Thank you

Waiting for the 2nd part. Good story! :)


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Next part will be out shortly, thanks for follow up

You are on to something here, Steem on!