Let's Help Out THE MOST Selfless Steemian: @olawalium

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There are some moments in life that truly make you go, "wow." And what hopefully comes after those moments is some thoughtful reflection, a new perspective, and a healthy dose of humbling.


Why @olawalium deserves a helping hand.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty details, I want to propose a few scenarios. An exercise in humbling if you will. (If you have the time today, please read all the way through to the end.)


What would it be like if everything throughout the day was one step harder?

These are a few situations from my own day that could very easily be so much more difficult, uncomfortable, or tedious if I didn't have certain "luxuries."

Instead of making coffee...

...by pouring pre-ground coffee beans into a coffee maker and waiting three minutes for the pot to be ready.

I had to grind the beans myself, heat up the water in a pot on the stove, boil the grounds, and strain it before pouring it into my mug.

Instead of grabbing an Uber or driving somewhere...

....because it's too hot or too far away.

I had to walk, despite the discomfort of the weather. Or, maybe worse, cram myself onto an overcrowded bus after waiting in the heat for a long time for it to arrive.

Instead of writing blog posts on my laptop...

...which already takes 2-5 hours depending on the post.

I had to write it on the tiny keypad of my phone, straining my eyes and fingers tapping away for doube or triple the time it would have taken otherwise.


@Olawalium's Story

Yesterday, my boyfriend, @shenanigator was chatting with @olawalium about how he writes all his Steemit posts (including those he donates daily to the SMT project, @communitycoin). In his usual bright and cheerful mood, he began to share...

"Yes I make most of my posts on my phone."

He went on to explain that occasionally he can use his work laptop during the shifts of his full-time job in Nigeria, but he can't take it home and isn't able to do much on Steemit during the day.

"Yeah, it could be challenging and exhausting especially like me that I try to make 2-3 posts a day sometimes."

I was stunned.


Can you imagine...

...being so dedicated to Steemit and improving your quality of life that you write two or three posts a day on your mobile phone? And in addition to this, @olawalium takes the time to write long, thoughtful comments on every single one of our @TangerineTravels blog posts, just about every YouTube video we post, and dozens of other Steemians' posts.... every single day.

And that, of course, is in addition to his full-time job and the work that's necessary on his farm.


I'm writing this post today because this hard-working, selfless Steemian deserves a break. He has worked tirelessly for a long, long time, despite many of his posts earning just pennies. He continues to write encouraging comments for others, even when those same people don't return the kindness on his own posts.


This amazing human being would also never ask for favors or handouts from people. He has an incredible work ethic. That said, he's also well overdue for a "payout" in life.

If you have some extra voting power today, consider upvoting this post. All the proceeds will go directly to @olowalium so that he can buy a laptop. He deserves it.

Don't forget, follow @olawalium and show him some love too. :)


Goodness me! Oh Maddie. I am touched. Wow. You are absolutely amazing. This humbled me. How do I ever repay your act of kindness? This is huge! You guys are too amazing. You ooze awesomeness. Thank you, thank you and thank you. I'm deeply touched Maddie. Wow! Thank you so much.

You don't need to do ANYTHING to repay me. :) You've done SO much for us, it's the least we can do to give back to you! Consider this a "payment in the love bank" as my mom would say.

Hahahahahahaha that made me laugh and i love it "payment in the love bank". I really love you guys. Thank you so much.

Hmm. Payment in the love bank, that's awesome. Meaning @olawalium has made selfless deposits.

Hahahaha. They are just too adorable and amazing. They are the real MVP.

@sharingeverybite thanks for showcasing and supporting @olawalium. Being a Nigerian myself, I can see the glaring truth in this story and unwrap the inspiration behind it. It takes great determination and hard work to achieve such a great feat. I hope enough money is raised to buy him a laptop already.


Ps: I am following you both already.

Wow!. I am getting so overwhelmed with emotions with all these show of love and support. I am never taking this for granted and this is huge for me. Thanks a lot.

WOW !! I feel like I just struck gold with your post, this is the steemit I was looking for: something inspirational, touching, giving, and exactly what the steemit introduction spoke of. I am a new member to steemit and all I recently saw was the fighting of VOTES, SELFVOTES, UPVOTES, DOWNVOTES, FLAGGING, AND BOTTING. This should be on the trending page !! As it has restored my enthusiasm that I had the first day I joined steemit. I've only been here a month and I can tell you that I almost ran away from steemit because of its first impression. Thanks for changing that.....#foreverasteemer from now on. Keep being great.
p.s https://steemit.com/@olawalium I'm glad to be a part of your world and hope you all the best. You will also have my support.

we should have a category just for this kind of post, because I have a steemian that I would like to mention as well. https://steemit.com/@cryptosharon This steemian deserves a shot out for being unselfish and forthcoming. The first person to offer me assistance and I will always be grateful for that....

Thank you for the mention :) There is a lot to Steemit, the good sides, the bad sides, the mediocre sides, and it's on us to stay on the side that we prefer. That said, we should strive so that the side that we like the most becomes the biggest one. :)

Absolutely spot on!.

I like that train of thought, and I like the side i'm on right now....hopefully its the good side...thanks again

I am glad this has restored your love for Steemit and increased your motivation for it. This is what Steemit is all about; it's a big community and the love is always very obvious. Every thing has it's downside but focusing on the good part will always make you get the best out of it.

Thank you so much for your support. I can assure you that you will love it. Thanks a lot. Happy Steeming.

@olawalium sincerely I'm happy for you!
This guy is up all night, commenting on people's post and still has a full time job, and his eye bags doesnt even bother him. He truly deserves it, I wish my upvote is huge enough to help him achieve this.
God bless your selfless heart.

Thank you @sharingeverybite for your support, there are still some good people out there, and you guys are one of them.

They are absolutely good people. My heart prays for them. Thank you again guys.

Thank you so much Adejoke for your kind words. You are a darling.

This guy is up all night, commenting on people's post and still has a full time job

We are regularly astonished at how much work @olawalium does... and almost all of it goes unnoticed and unrecognized! We hope to do ever more in the future to reward him for all the hard work he does to make other people's lives better, including ours. :)

I am speechless. You are getting me teary eyed and I honestly mean that. Wow. Lost for words. Thank you guys.

Thank you so much Maddie... I've heard lots of lovely things about you and Jordan from Olawalium. You guyz are simply amazing. My heart blessed you. God bless you


Hi, thanks for sharing about olawalium, I identify with him, because until recently i also write all my posts from my mobile phone, it is really difficult but not impossible. the desire to work motivated me . greetings and success for all.

Hats off to you as well then! I really can't imagine how tiresome it would be to write posts from my phone every day.

Well... you can't imagine right, but that's the reality of most Steemians here in Nigeria.

My dear @adejoke yes oo. That's the situation here in Nigeria that we are so used to. We are even faster at using mobile phones than laptop.

Somebody seems to have been blessed I just looked up his profile, and he's got 7k plus post just starting up on steemit In November, he's got to deserve this though he's amazing.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate this so much.

Keep steaming steem brother, even I can't match your hardwork.

Yes @josediccus i so just wonder how he does it. But honestly, he is dedicated.

Wow @ericvancewalton you amazed me sir. I received your massive gift. Wow. Thank you so much sir. This means so much to me. Thank you sir. Wow

It's less than 3 weeks since my account was approved. So I'm kinda new here. I already upvoted this post but i know my upvote has only very little value. By the way I'm also just using my phone (but im not asking you to give me a laptop..lol.haha
.). When I'm at work I used the desktop at the office during breaktime. I don't know yet how to be success here so I'm just keep on reading a lot of posts trying to gather knowledge. By the way I'm already following you now and @olawalium as well. I hope to learn something by following you guys. Have nice day!;-)

Thank you so much for your support. This is actually a great Steemit moment and it is totally encouraging. You will love it here, I can assure you that. Learn as much as you can, and I am always available if you need to know anything. Welcome.

Thank you so much for your support. I am so overwhelmed with emotions right now. Words failed me. Thanks.

This great. Yeah, my upvote isn't big enough according to @adejoke16 but just consider it as my windows mite to this just cause. Yeah, @olawalium has a way of just making his environment lively with his funny troubles. Yeah he really deserves it. Yes oo. Most of us here in Nigeria actually do our post from our mobile phones. So used to it we forget laptop can make it easier. Thanks for this @sharingeverybite

Hahahahahahaha you made me laugh with this. Thanks a lot brother, I really appreciate your show of support. Means a lot to me. Thank you bro.

It's good to show support to people who deserve it. @olawalium deserves this and more. I haven't have the opportunity to know you in person but I have seen your great work on this platform. You are a great example and someone who his footsteps can be followed.
I'm writing this comment to show my support and to let you know how happy I am for you to get this recognition and support from your loved ones.

Thanks @sharingeverybite for this great support.
Wish you fruitful journey in your steemit career @olawalium

Happy steeming.......

This support means a lot to me. Thank you so much and for your kind words. I am glad you love my posts and I will try never to lessen the standard. Thanks again.

Awwwwwwwn, this show of love has left me in awe. @Olawalium u r just amazing and deserving of every bit of affection. I wish I had more voting power. 😢

Your words has done perfect justice too Cutie Winnie. I am really excited by the support. Thanks a lot my dear.


Too bad my voting power may not mean much, but I sure do want to show my support

Congratulations bro, I'm glad for all this beautiful things I'm seeing
Hard work indeed pays.

Thank you @sharingeverybite for the show of love to @olawalium. God bless you both for your selflessness.

Thank you so much for your support dear. Thanks a lot.

Congratulations dear @Olawalium, I'm happy for you.

Thank you so much mama!. 😍😍😍

ok....i always follow him..