The Nicest Fraud (AN ORIGINAL POEM)

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I look into your fairy eyes
And lose control
I can feel the fire burning

You shake me with one look
It lifts me to the sky
As I lose control

I drown in your ocean
The walls in the room
Start to lose shape
All I can see is your luscious gaze
And I lose control

When I look into your eyes
Chaos overtakes me
Clock hands start
To run backwards
When I lose control

Night takes over day
I neglect all else around
And lose control

Seems like it all has been laid out
To a perfect fraud in your look

I see your eyes
And lose control
The passion within comes alive

My mechanisms tick
I am exploding from inside out
As I lose control

My head swirls
I am in a lost fairytale
I’m under the spell of
Your glare
And I lose control

That glamour
Engages me
I lose my identity
I question myself
When I lose control

I forget who I am
I need your eyes
To lose control

Seems like it all has been laid out
To a perfect fraud in your look

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Nice post!

awesome poem @serejandmyself well done

Love your poem!

As always great

Beautiful work. :)


this given energy

Thanks, glad you liked it pal!

George Cloony Eyes
I use To Watch Him
On E.R.
Good Material

Well im less into George Clooney but yes ))))

Excellent as always.

Thank you @chetlain !

Enjoyed, eyes tell a story whether true or untrue. I am also beginning to post in poetry I hope you will take a look at my work @beginningtoend If you like it please follow.

This is great material. Extremely creative and impactful:) very cool!!

Thnaks a lot for your compliment!

This should be spoken out loud for full effect. The rhythm was hypnotic... dare I say... I lost control ;)

Great work!

Thanks a lot man!