BE MINE (An Orginal Poem)

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It seems the
blue river has ended,
rays of the streetlight
reach out for the fog,
the shapes have been
layered in this peaceful smoke.

Gentle twitter of birds
I need you closer to me,
just sit by my side
enjoy the perfect silence.

You are my torch
and you are my fate.
Let our eyes do the talking,
don't move your lips my darling.

We will stay awake all night
only god knows what will happen,
I'll gently hold
and kiss your hand,
now you see
that I am yours to be.

I'll whisper what the wind
of love is telling me.
Then you will become mine,
no longer you
or I will ever be alone.
Only the morning might show us
what this night will bring.


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Nice a poem niceeee) ) )

Good !

Beautiful poem!

just sit by my side
enjoy the perfect silence.

Very peaceful words :)

You rock man! Very creative and great poem!

Thanks a lot, glad you enjoyed it!

Wonderful. The imagery of the first stanza has me melting.

Thanks, its my favourite too

Your figurative language comes off very natural~ loved the personification. Sometimes I find that writers will try too push those too hard and it comes off just that way. I appreciate your natural flow and talent. Following you~ take care

Thanks for the compliment!

I like the color blue to set the scene, then smoke. I like the twitter of bird in otherwise silence.

This is an inspiring poem. The softness of the interactions depicted are beautiful and incredibly romantic. Keep up your good work.