Winter Outcast - entry for So Short Story contest

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Entry for So Short Story contest

She walked stiffly in the snow. She once a student at an important school, now nothing. She was running, she didn't know where. She was accused for a scandal. The news was spreading faster than wildfire, she had nowhere to go.
She saw a hut in the distance. She ran to it for warmth. She rushed inside, slammed the door, and came face to face with a broad man.
"I know how to prove your innocence."


This is a short story for So Short Story contest that @hairyfairy made. I was only allowed to use 77 (if it weren't for that, this would have been more descriptive). I was supposed to use the words "snow", "student", and "scandal" in it.
This could possibly lead to a larger story that I may or may not write. You can tell me if you're interested in reading the rest of the story in the comments.
Here is the link for the contest:

Here are other stories written by me:


@scarletskylor, thanks for informing me your new story. Of course i definitely read it. Short story with limitation in words and fixed words not easy to write. And you have write it very well. This is a good storyline, i love to read it if you plan to write it. 😊

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You're welcome and thank you for reading it. I think the plot for the rest of the story is interesting so far. I have started on writing it and hopefully it will be done before too long.
I will send you a link when I post it.

Thank you @scarletskylor, I will wait for the longer story version. The storyline was interesting although only a very short story but it attracted me to read more. You have the overall story before you started this very short story?

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Actually, I had the main idea for the plot of the story when the saw which words I had to use and when I started writing the short story, but most of the plot I came up with after writing the first 77 word part. Good thing I'm good at writing by the seat of my pants (AKA writing as I go along). I'm glad it was still interesting enough to pull you in despite how short it was.

I've posted the first chapter of Winter Outcast. I hope you have the time to read it and that you will like it.

Hi, thank you for your story Scarlet I would be glad if you finish it. Thank you also for further promotion of the contest.
Have a nice day.

You're welcome and thank you for reading this. I will attempt to finish the story as soon as possible (although it might end up being long).
I hope you have a nice day too.

I've posted the next part of the story. Here it is. I hope you can read it.