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The next day Losa and Lekan arrived Limo and were immediately ushered into the palace of the king. The king on seeing Losa and embraced him, welcome to Limo my friend, he said.

Thank you, your highness, Losa greeted please take your seats the king said. Thank you Losa said. After the pleasantries and a bit of eating and drinking water the king turned to Losa, you must have come because of my dream i hope?

Yes, Losa answered, without much ado, can i hear your wise insight into the dream? he asked. yes, your highness. You will but it is not coming from me. It is coming from one of your subjects, Losa said.

The king looked around those seated in his presence then fixed his gaze on Losa, my subjects? If the wise ones amongst them could not offer me any insight into the puzzle who would amongst the rest. He is with us. Lekan tells his highness all the needs to know, Losa said.

When Lekan arose all eyes fell on him and the king wondered if Losa was playing a game, who is wiser than the wise Losa. A man with a great wisdom, who does his job without a smile. Games and jokes are not played or made when the heart is troubled, Your Highness this is not a game or joke. It is not about the height of a man but about the largeness of his heart. Be patient your highness for the answer to your puzzle or dream is with your subject Lekan. please Lekan talk, Losa said.

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