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The assignment put Lekan on his toes. Added to that was the glory and recognition it would bring him. He had always desired friendship, recognition and equality, so now that he had the opportunity to get them, he promised himself he would not let that slip by. He set his mind to work.

By the third day, Lekan got the answer to the puzzle or rather unravelled the dream. when he narrated it is Losa, he listened attentively. By the time Lekan finished his narration Losa was all smiles and jumping about. He was so elated that he shook Lekan hand and embraced him.

You are right Lekan. You have become a wise man. You have learnt enough. Your people are waiting for you. This time, they are not going to look at your height, they are going to listen to and learn from what you are going to teach them. You will return to your people tomorrow. So soon? Lekan asked.

Yes so soon, Losa answered. Lekan smiled. He missed his home has come, it would be great to see the motherland once again.

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