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With the passage of time, Lekan learnt more and more from Losa. And Losa was impressed to note that Lekan always carried out his tasks well and at the right time. Losa also note that Lekan reasoning, confidence and capacity had grown greatly.

But there were still a lot for Lekan to learn. so, Losa kept on teaching him, tasking him and opening him up to the great strength that his mind holds. And like a good student, Lekan humbled himself and learnt.

When Lekan clocked up to twenty years of age Losa received an emissary from the king of Limo. The king sent him on an urgent and special mission.

How is my friend? Losa asked his highness is well sends his best wishes the emissary answered. That kind of him thank you Losa said after exchanging the usuall pleasantries they got down to serious discussion, wise one his highness the king king Lomo had a dream two week ago. The dream has remained a puzzle to date. The king called all the wise men in Limo together, still, none could unravel the puzzle or dream. so he decided to send me to your to seek you help and wisdom, the emissary said.

Please narrate the dream, Losa said meanwhile Lekan sat at a corner and listened to the wise one, can you send the young man aways? the emissary asked.

Alright. The dream goes like this, the king found himself on an island, beside him was a goat. a tuber of yam and a lion. A little away from where he stood was a small boat. A voice echoed saying The boat can only carry you and one of those things beside you at a time. After that the echo-ceased. When the king arose, he summoned all the wise men but none has been able to tell him the meaning of the dream. so he asked me to bring the message to you, he said.

Losa heaved then turned to the emissary, tell his highness that within seven days we shall tell him the meaning of his dream. The emissary arose and returned to Limo to a very worried king and community.

I believe you heard everything? Losa asked, yes sir, Lekan answered. This is your opportunity to become a champion a great man amongst your people. Put on your thinking cap and unravel the meaning of your will three days for that assignment, Losa said. Then he got up and left.

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