A Horror stories based on true facts!!!!!!!👻👻👻👻👻

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Some friends planned to go around in Gazipur. They went around and got back before lunch. Three of these friends were left there to enjoy the situation of the night. When the night lasts at 8 o'clock, they are preparing to return home with three friends. But they do not find any type of car. They suddenly saw a van coming towards them. Then they told the van driver ... ... a lot of danger !!!

It would have been very good if we had been advancing to the crossroads. Then the driver said that I do not go anywhere with the van at night. After they requested a lot, they agreed to take the van. Then they set off. After a while, the van driver noticed that a woman wearing a burka stood on the side of the street with a baby in the lap. Then the woman told the van driver that I am in trouble !!!! Not getting the car !!!! Let me go a little ahead ??? Then the van driver allowed the three friend to get the woman in the van. After 10 minutes of running the van, the woman said stand up here !!! I do not have the van rent money. He said further to my house, you got two minutes to get me the rent. He said, I will go to my house on the other side of the bamboo cluster and will come. He went away saying this. It was 10 minutes in a 2 minute place, but the woman is not coming anymore. Then the van driver told the three people you sit down! I can see why the woman is not coming. The van driver went behind the bamboo cloak and saw the woman lying in the light of the moon. The van driver saw the torch.....................

She is biting his child !!!!!!!!! The woman looked at the van driver and smiled at her face with a lot of blood. The van driver ran away after seeing that smile. And come to the van and tell those three people to get out of here quickly. Then the van driver told the three of them open all the facts. Then the three people say so with whom then come ??? He is man Anything else? They return home and go there again to learn what happened to the event. When they heard from the residents, a woman and a child's body were found in the bamboo sprinkle shortly before.

From now on, the woman who directly sees that she died a few days later. Then he found the house address of the van driver's house and went to his house. Then the van driver's wife said that she was very scared at night. After a few days of fever he suddenly died. After listening to it, three friends are so worried that if they did not force van rice, then they would have lived today !!! Then they themselves are guilty..…... Then everyone collected money with the van driver's family. So this was the event of today !!!!!!

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