Predictions and Plot Points of Avengers 4 based on my assumptions

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Recently Avengers 4 had been released and it had been a massive hit on the box office around the world crossing over 2 Billion Dollars Worldwide !! But the main part has been its ending i.e. death of almost all the heroes leaving behind core avengers team with Nebula and Rocket. This was an utter shock to every mcu fan.

Therefore i present to you my thoughts about the story of Avengers 4 and how the remaining avengers would bring back their team mates.

Not making this long, i will write down in points -

  1. The entire Avengers 4 movie will revolve around time travel and quantum realm (which we will get to see in Ant Man and The Wasp Movie)

  2. Time Travel will be achieved through Quantum Realm

  3. Avengers will move back in time to collect infinity-gems one by one

  4. Everytime the avengers retrieve a gem in the past it will disappear from Thanos Gauntlet

  5. Thanos will become aware of the Avengers plan and pursue them through temporal plane

  6. At the end 3 of the infinity gems will remain and the remaining 3 will be destroyed with the help of Captain Marvel
    All the 6 infinity gems will be distributed among Avengers personally for safekeeping (as per the comics)

*We will not be able to see Adam Warlock as he hasn't made any cameo in MCU yet, I think he will make a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3

What are your thoughts ?
Comment down below

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