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Do you fall in love with your mornings, or do you dread them?
Let me share with you what our mornings could be like!
Close your eyes, take a deep breath. This is a typical morning in the life of Our NeighbourGood.

Putting the 'Good' in Morning

Imagine waking up in the morning at the break of dawn. Not because an alarm went off or because you 'needed' to wake up. But because the sun's rays were quietly caressing your face and you were fully rested. You don't have any morning obligations so you're able to lay there a few moments as you remember your dreams from the night before and ponder the lessons and adventures you had. Maybe you take a bit of time to write if you feel like, then get out of bed. Your thoughts immediately turn to your garden and how the new fruits, flowers, and sprouts are growing. You make your way outside into your expansive forest garden that reminds you of what Eden must have been. As you walk through your garden you collect the best, tree ripened fruits, flowers, berries, herbs and leaves for your breakfast and tea. Many of these herbs and leaves are more potent than coffee in their ability to wake and excite the mind and spirit. So, there is no need to purchase anything for your morning routine that your garden doesn't provide. As you appreciate your garden, communicating with your plants the morning animals arrive as birds, dogs, ducks, bees, etc wake up with the morning. You say hello to the morning, and let the sun warm your body.

Maybe you'd like to eat now, or maybe you feel like getting some movement in and you head to your designated spot in your garden to do some yoga/dancing/breath work/physical exercise/etc whatever movement you felt like doing that day. You don't have a set routine so you just move however you're inspired to do so, stretching, awakening, engaging and enlivening the body, mind, and soul with your breath and movements. When you feel awakened, strengthened and satisfied you head on over to your natural swimming pool/pond and jump in to cleanse off. The slightly cool waters excite your body and soul, engage your nervous system, eliminate impurities and prepare you for optimal performance. As you clean off in the water, the same water your plants use to create and grow, drops of your DNA and sweat that contain information about you are washed into the water and the plants are able to use this information to better bear fruit specifically suited to your tastes and needs.

You head in for breakfast, but as you do a sudden spark of inspiration strikes you. You head over to your creative area and start applying your inspiration. You enter into a state of flow and a few hours pass. You hardly notice as you've been so enthralled in your creation that time was non-existent. You get finished and an overwhelming sense of satisfaction and happiness washes over you as you admire the inspired creation. As your sense of awe and satisfaction begin to imbue your body you remember the breakfast you have waiting for you.

You head back over to your morning's garden collection and notice your partner standing in the garden singing a soft tune and gently touching the plants, maybe your partner has a child, maybe not. Your presence connects with them and you exchange smiles. You offer some of the fruit you had picked and gone together to enjoy the bounty. You prepare some tea with some herbs, leaves, and flowers. Then bite into the freshest plant ripened fruit; fruit that was grown for you, by you and filled with the most vitality and nutrition as it was allowed to reach peak perfection on the plant. This fruit has a taste specifically created for you and is more flavorful and healthy for you than anything you could get outside your own garden. Each bite demands your attention as you focus on the multitude and complexity of sensations in each moment and movement of the mouth. You enter into a form of meditation as you engage your full awareness into the delicious gifts of your breakfast. You finish your meal and shift your attention and again, inspiration strikes you. You decide to share with your partner what came to you and you enter into a creation of ideas while you share your healing tea, tea with the most potent of flavors as the leaves, flowers, and herbs were collected just that morning. (Mixed with few herbs and leaves you specifically collected when the moon was at its gravitational peak, ensuring the highest density of energy and life in the leaves when picked.)

Your conversation grows with your partner as inspiration builds between you. The excitement of sharing these ideas and forging new connections in your mind is not unlike the excitement of co-creating experienced in sexual creation. As you come to a peak and birth a new idea you set out to put this idea in motion. As you have no strict obligations for the day you're free to passionately act on this idea immediately and in full inspiration, while the idea is still teeming with life inside of you. You look up at the sky to gauge the time to discern if you'll be able to complete the creation. You notice it's around 11 am. "Plenty of time to create," you think as you head off...

A possible typical morning in the life of Our NeighbourGood.
This life is a dream and a reality!

Want to try an amazing exercise? Imagine your ideal morning, what would make it perfect for you? Imagining it is the first step to creating it! If you'd like to share, I'd love to hear what your ideal morning would be!

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Our NeighbourGood and The HEART Collaborative


Welcome back @rieki. We are planning to build a greenhouse with maybe aeroponic method for growing vegetables and herbs. With the improvements in solar technology, maybe the entire operation can be powered via solar energy. We are discussing on which corner of the globe we want to build and settle.

Hey brother! Good to hear from you! I took a bit of a 'technology fast' if you will!

"We are discussing on which corner of the globe we want to build and settle."

Excellent! I am set to leave my temporary residence in May in search of a permanent place as well. The whole world is available. Where are you thinking right now? What're your dominant criteria?

" With the improvements in solar technology, maybe the entire operation can be powered via solar energy."

All food production methods have been solar powered for a lot longer than our 'technology' has been around ;) Nothing beats the solar effectiveness of photosynthesis :)

I've been heavily involved in stewarding land and cultivating food. For a long while, I was extremely fascinated by the various technocratic methods of food cultivation for some time now. While I believe some of them to be improvements on our present dominant systems they all pale in comparison to the effectiveness and health benefits brought about by mimicking natural systems. In most technocratic systems it's impossible for a complete mycelia web to connect all species. Most systems don't have a large diversity of plants in the same area (as our forests do), plants thrive in cooperation! The food grown in a forest mimicked system is far superior to any technocratic designed system. As it will gain all the information we need for optimal health. It's not like nature hasn't been improving this for billions of years ;) We've only been at it for a couple thousand at best...

Just my 6 cents ;)

We are looking to Canada, maybe Malaysia. We want tropical fruit trees, but also want some amenities of civilization. Political stability would be paramount, but many places in the world are destabilizing, possibly a consequence of our rampant over-consumption and current economic contraction.

I completely forgot about the fungal network that the plants use to communicate. I do not recall where I learned about this, but I think the fungal network is orders of magnitude more complex in connections than our internet. My guess is that the plants can communicate with and exchange resources with other plants on the opposite side of the continent.

Tropical is quite difficult in Canada ;) My partner is Canadian and we both lived there for only 1 year. Needless to say, we're in Indonesia now. We are also tropical people! I saw New Zealand to be a good safe haven and have looked into northland. We were there for several months and cultivated some powerful relationships that may sprout into a ONG being launched in NorthLand. However, still only sub-tropical and not quite the full tropical I'm seeking. Indonesia is a bit rough around the edges but Bali where we are at has offered us some great environments to create our lifestyle. It's just difficult being foriegn, with land and visas... Not sure why our world is still so complicated. Hopefully, a bit more political instability will rectify some of these issues. We've looked into Malaysia too. They seem to have a great offering. What are your reasons for Malaysia?

We were looking to relocate to Singapore, once. Malaysia just happen to be next door, though the recent religious reactionary policies give us a pause regarding moving to Malaysia.

Canada we looked into because much of nature has been preserved and people there seem less driven to acquire and consume. I have not visited recently, but at least in Montreal, the people were more communal and public transport allowed for small grocery establishments to thrive, which also seemed to influence people to plan for day or two in advance, rather than weeks to months in food purchases.

Hmmm, but Malaysia (opposed to canada) isn't permafrost for most of the year :)

I remember a 2 week period in Canada where they were comparing the temperatures of Ottawa to that of Mars (some aspect), and Ottawa was said to be colder ;). Could be facetious. However, if I went outside for too long ~5 min, I risked my contacts in my eyes freezing...

This is all to say, we love canada for the summers but winter has made it impossible to consider. (for us) :)

Though a beautiful place no doubt!

Where are you presently?

We are basking in the warm weather of Texas.

Ah Texas. I would never have guessed! When do you think you'll be making the move?

"My guess is that the plants can communicate with and exchange resources with other plants on the opposite side of the continent."

Not just plants, the noosphere of information permeates the whole planet, and we're able to tap into it as well...

There is the countless phenomenon related to this, one being the coincidences of unrelated scientific discoveries happening simultaneously in different parts of the globe.

Regardless, I am finding it more and more futile to try and 'improve' upon nature. There is nothing in our technocratic world that our natural would haven't done better. So, my path now is one that is to cultivate a better relationship with the natural world and work with her cycles and rhythms to create the best life. Opposed to trying to fight them with 'improvements'. Seriously, we do way more meaningless work than we need to!

I recall reading Herbert's Dune series and realizing the technical advance need not be only limited to overcoming our environment. Improvements in human abilities, shift in perspectives and paradigms, or living in hostile environments by adjusting social discipline are all measures of techincal advance. I think modern men over-value one type of technology over others.

"I think modern men over-value one type of technology over others."

Ahhh another monoculture :) Mono-tech. Mono-food, mono-god, mono-tech, mono-dimension... Another element in the process of consolidating reality.

I like this view, technology need not be limited to the material plane. I would have used different words, but I love the connection this made :) Thank you!! You just again inspired my next thought piece :)

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