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Imagine being able to grow plants that know you. They know what ails you, know who you are and create food specifically designed to bring you optimal health. Simply planting a seed and growing it ourselves is a great start. But, there are a few techniques that create a deeper relationship between us and our food.

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1.5 Month progress on transforming my lawn into edible communities

Simple steps:

Step 1: Our DNA

Take the seeds (Best to be organic and/or grown yourself. Many seeds that come from the store are laced in rat-poison to preserve them) and place them in your mouth under your tongue for at least 9 minutes. This allows the seed to absorb your DNA and essence, also soaking it in your mouth activates the seed, and prepares it to sprout.

Step 2: Our Toxins and Energy

Now, go and stand where the seed is to be planted. It's important to stand barefoot. As not only an electrical current is formed by your feet and the earth, but also many toxins are released through the soles of the feet. These toxins can be transformed into nutrition by the soil and plants and transmit your information to the plants as to what will be able to cure you and bring you optimal health.

Step 3: Our Intentions and Mental Energy

Take the seeds out of your mouth and hold them between palms of hands for 30 seconds. Let the seeds come into contact with your skin and focus your intention on the seeds. Think about loving energy and imagine that the energy circulating in your body is making a connection with the seeds in your hand. Imagine they are going to grow healthy and fruitful. Send any loving energy you feel inspired to send.

Step 4: Celestial Connection

Open your palms and present the seeds to the celestial bodies (as we're planting with the celestial cycles). Creating as deep and warm a breath you can, gently blow on seeds (finally mixing in your breath).

Step 5: Loving Home

With bare, uncleaned hands and feet plant the seeds into the ground where your feet were standing. Once you have placed the seeds you can cover with more saliva and protect the soil with mulch (if required).

Step 6: Let it Sit

Wait 2-3 days before you water, so as to not wash off the seed you just impregnated with your DNA. If it rains, that's okay... Keep the soil shaded so to not burn out the seed.

Step 7: Planting in Cycles

Adhere to the celestial cycles. In very short: The celestial bodies, particularly the moon have an impact (one being gravitational) on the growth and development of plants. These are rhythmical and cyclical. We'll see the greatest benefits if we attune ourselves to these cycles. Here is one website.

Step 8: Avoid Ecocide

Leave at least 1 of each 'weed' in your plots. We have a habit of completely decimating areas where we attempt to grow our food. Plants communicate with each other and share vital information about the environment and support each other. (The plant kingdom thrives on cooperation.) If you're not having to prepare the dirt (if it's been greatly abused for years), then try to leave a good deal of native plants in your garden bed. Trust me, your new plants will actually grow better! Further, many native plants provide habitat for bugs and predators for would-be 'pests' to your new plantings.

Step 9: Create a Relationship

Communicate with plant during growth, not just mentally but physically as well. If possible, divert your shower water (if you use only natural whole plant soaps) into your garden. Or alternatively, rinse off from time to time and splash the water off your body onto your plants. This attunes them again to your specific body. Forge a deeper connection spiritually and mentally by communicating loving energy and thoughts to the plants. Even if this doesn't have a benefit for the plants, it's remarkable the positive effect it has on mood and well-being.

Step 10: Full Moon Plant Party

On full moons, when the energy of the plant's leaves is at its peak. Go through your garden and physically interact and touch your plants. Let the energy in you interact with the energy in them! Also, the full moon is a great time to harvest many above-ground plants as they are at their energetic peak!

Step 11: Dirty Feet, Clean Soul

Always garden barefoot.

Step 12: Garden With Love

Show love and appreciation for your plants and the gifts they provide!

Now, Grow Out There and Try It!

Try it out! Let me know if the fruit these plants bare you are the most perfect and delicious gifts you have ever tasted! :)

These steps were created by inspiration from reading Anastasia (Part of The Ringing Cedar Series). Absolutely, life changing information! If you haven't heard of them, I highly suggest finding a copy and reading them! More on them later...

Plants are far more intelligent and far more willing to provide for us than our culture often credits them for.

Let us grow in abundance!


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You have combined a lot of ideas here - gut bacteria, earthing, plant communication (trees talk, why not basil?), mindfulness, and moon cycles.

It would be cool to have scientific comparisons too. I know of some with positive intentions and music with plants. Also of EMFs and highway traffic on cow's milk.

There are plenty out there! 'The Secret Life of Plants' offers many points from this perspective...

I would have taken the time to implement such perspectives but, I just didn't care too ;) Maybe I will do this article again in the future and go a bit deeper :)

As for me, my proof is in the plants and the gifts they provide! I'm a full believer based on the outcomes of the system!

It's amazing how far our culture has come from alienating itself from the source of true health and happiness!

This sounds amazing! Im going to try it with some plants around the farm, I imagine good energies being created!

Absolutley! The more plants we plant this way, the more love that we spread! It's like having a whole community of children surrounding you with love and gifts! I love waking up to my garden :)

As always man. What a wonderful post. I love the full moon plant party Idea.

:) Thanks brother! Always a party on the full moon! Especially if you have the right plants that can enhance said experience!

I probably do some of these without thinking but I'll try it with more intention from now on. I have a deep connection with plants and deepening it with practices like these well, I can't imagine what kind of conversations I'll be able to have with them then ( :

Fantastic :)

It's amazing how many worlds within our world there is! Only slightly disappointed it has taken me this long to realize. But, such is the journey of life :)

I would love to hear if this practice improves your relationship! What is it that you do (I realizing trying to quantify the qualitative may be difficult), that helps bring a close relationship now? Any thoughts?

I just talk to them like their my friends, not always out loud. Many I started from seed so we know each other pretty well. I know how old they are, how beautiful their flowers were last year or the year before, and where I may have transplanted them from. Some of them are pretty dramatic, others are low key, some are extremely narcissistic and others just want to help. I can't tell you how I know these things, I just visit them daily and recognize their changes. I read once that a gardeners shadow is the best fertilizer and I agree whole heartedly. I touch most of my plants in the garden at least weekly, more for some. And some stay for only a short time. I find that many have a spot in the yard that they love and I have to continue transplanting them until they are satisfied ( :
I think it's consistency of communication that really gets things on a strong relationship level with plants. Sometimes they'll even call out to you for help or to let you know that they can help you.

A million times yes!! I feel exactly the same way! Thank you for sharing this :) I realized I wasn't crazy, but hearing someone else say what I have thought before helps rationalize it at least!

I'd never really said it out loud before so thanks for asking about it. It makes me more confident that I really do know how to communicate with the plants. It's just like a friendship, I treat it a lot more ordinary than sacred, like you would a close friend instead of a priest you hardly know. I've had some friends that think it's really uncouth of me to do it that way without making offerings to them regularly but I've always felt that they've never asked for that from me.

"like you would a close friend instead of a priest you hardly know. " YES! Absolutely. I like to look at it how I would want to be addressed as well and what would bring me happiness and joy. To only be related to with the distancing of 'pious respectfulness' would be a pretty lonely existence. This is my approach to communicating with source, as I would a dear friend.

How awkward would it be if your friends regularly (or ever) made offerings to you in that manner? I believe gifts, are always appreciated. However, gifts are different than offerings as they are never expected :)

I'm so glad we're on the same page with this! ( :

So are the plants :)