Vande mataram

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I am a student of history but want to see the future. It is a difficult time, the world economy is collapsing and if you want to identify or at least save in this changing balance, then Vande Matram will have to live for him ... Guess the time is too sensitive. Taxes can not work, now we have to come forward and have to do it. I do not want to be from today .. From now on. Do not see the face of a leader, do not wait any incarnation of some wonderful power.
If you put chit fund committee in your locality, colony, make boys 'trolleys, fill up the boys' trolley, ask ten million rupees forums and ask about 5 crore of MPs who get development of the area every year and 10 crore MLAs What happened Where did she look? Forcing them to reply.
If no one does, then do it yourself alone, just fill out a simple 10 rupees form and ask who else did it. Nothing will happen to Anna Hazare, every street is Ravana, we need a Hanuman on every roof. Maybe we can say more strongly Vande Mataram.20180825_120547_0001.png

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great discription and very valuable information dear. vande matram. i m also in india i hope support me