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From the Mahabharata period (1400 BC), the city of Delhi Pandavas has been known as Indraprastha. After the battle of Kurukshetra, when Pandavas ruled over Hastinapur, the elder brother Yudhishthar made the brothers the ruler of Khandwparastha whose land was very lively and wasteful, then for help Sri Krishna invited Indra, for help himself Yudhishtir Indra sent Vishwakarma. Devamav made this town with its tireless efforts and named it Indraprastha Yani (City of Indra).
The name of Delhi is named after the name of "Dhilika" (800 BC) of King Dhilloo, which was the first settlement town in the medieval times, which was located near the south-west border. It is currently near Mehrauli. This city was the first in seven cities of medieval times. It is also known as Yoginipura, which was in the reign of Yogini (Ex-ancient Devi).
But it got importance when Raja Anangpal Tomar, in the 12th century, conducted his own Tomar dynasty with Lalkot, which was later won by the Chauhan king of Ajmer and named it Qila Rai Pithora.


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