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Despite the judiciary and the police, there is no shortage of raiding or other criminal incidents. And its biggest reason is our justice system.
Justice can not be done only by the judiciary itself, it is also necessary to be a judge, and justice should be more important than ever. In most cases the police is negligent, but the police is helpless because even if the police arrests, the age passes while waiting for justice in the judiciary. Therefore it is necessary to correct the judicial system.

A famous journal is the line of a video made for empowerment of women - Vogue Empower - Start with the boys ...... I think this is right. As far as the men do not improve themselves, no judicial system, the police, the society can not do anything. After all, how long can one guard them? How much can monitor? At all times, it will not be easy to keep an eye on them everywhere. And then ethics can not be taught to anyone. What will be our character, this is our own personal decision, which can not be imposed on anyone nor can it be repaired. That is why men should come forward themselves and improve their behavior.20180825_120547_0001.png

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