I'm officially an author - again...

in #story4 years ago

I've published my first book in paperback!

I was already calling myself an author, because I had published this book in e-book format back in July last year, but it never really felt like I was an author. So, while I was taking a break from my book series 'Rose Garden Sanatorium', I decided to go back to my book 'It's My Mistake' and publish in a physical paperback format! And this is what I now have...


I've already had a few people buy it and they have said how much they are enjoying it. Which is a huge confidence boost!

If you'd like a copy, here are the links:
UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Its-My-Mistake-Penny-Hooper/dp/1985376709
USA: https://www.amazon.com/Its-My-Mistake-Penny-Hooper/dp/1985376709

Now I'm back to finishing Rose Garden Sanatorium!


I've also finished the first draft of 'I fell in love with a psychopath', which is slowly going up on WattPad. Check out my stories on there!


Congratulations! This is great!

Thank you! :D

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