Part 1: A dark road walked

in #story2 years ago

Once again it's the harsh winds and heavy rains that slow my pace down the narrow lanes. In the dark with no reflectors or light I'm almost asking to get hit by the next speeding vehicle that rounds a bend, but luckily none travel these roads anymore. Most people avoid this area. It's said that strange things go on throughout the facilities here, but if people knew the truth... this would be an entirely different journey that's for sure.
Who really cares for truth now anyway? We lost the war and then lost ourselves to the machines we built. But that just means none of us got to grow up with truth, we were the children left with tattered remnants of the lies that led to this facility being built. So here I am, ready to face the beast within and maybe, just maybe, I can unlock the secrets hidden away here all those years ago. The only question left in my mind is whether or not I really want to share what I hope I'm searching for.

I round one last bend and the entrance to the grounds looms starkly over me as I pass under it. A tattered sign is dangling half off of its fixings, Not single a remnant of the locations name left upon its rusted surface. This is where the danger begins, I've passed the point of no return and can only hope that the rumours of foul beasts and demented souls are just simply fables told to scare us as children.