Saving Isabel ***** EPISODE 1.

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Isabel sat huddled in the corner of a dark, damp room. The room was in a tumbledown shack, but being blindfolded, she could not tell this. Her hands were tied securely and her feet had been shackled together. The peach silk suit she was wearing was muddy and her own tears had stained the front part. The brooch that had been pinned to her left shoulder had dropped off and her hair had escaped the confinement of its pins and tumbled untidily down her shoulders.

As Isabel sat in her miserable corner, she thought over the events that had led to her present situation. That night, she had locked herself up in her flower shop office doing some paper work when suddenly, the back door banged open. On the threshold had stood two men she had never seen before. One of them was large and thickset, a hulk. On his square head were attached the cold eyes of death. The man standing next to him was his complete opposite, tall and thin. The beanpole was like a scarecrow. He looked like the less scary of the two, until you looked into his eyes. While the square-faced hulk possessed the eyes of death, his associate had something worse than death lurking in his. They were like mini portals to hell itself.

Isabel absorbed their description within the split second of shock caused by their entry. She jumped out of her chair and demanded to know who they were and what they wanted. Though she had a strong suspicion about their purpose, she hoped that they were just run-of-the-mill burglars who would just rob her and leave.

The two men ignored her and stepped further into the room. Their positioning blocked all the exits that Isabel could have contemplated. Her office was located in a small room in the back of the shop. It had two exits: one leading into the shop and another leading into the alley at the back of the shop - her two intruders had used this. She was now trapped behind her desk and knew that she would not make it to the other door in time, though she tried.

While she tried to execute her plan, the heavy thickset man cornered her easily and lifted her up onto his shoulder. He managed this feat easily, as if she were a rag doll. She immediately recognised the futility of trying to fight them or trying to scream for help in the dead of the night. As for the police, it was too late to get to the phone on her desk, now that she was dangling on the hulk’s shoulder, and her mobile phone was sitting pretty in her handbag, which was locked securely in a drawer.

The hulk carried Isabel out of the office and into the alley. The scarecrow followed behind them and was considerate enough to close and lock the door behind him, after switching off the lights. This would make it look like Isabel had already left for home.

***** END OF EPISODE. *****

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ohh great story ,,
really enjoyed reading :)
keep it up

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Fantastic! Love series. Steemit's a great place to share this. Also enjoy the note about what's next.

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