Why I Stopped using Steemit after a Week and What Brought me Back

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80 days earlier, I joined steemit in hope to earn money from it just like many of the minnows here, but after just 1 week of posting I got discouraged and lost all hope of making money through the platform. Why I lost hope? Is it the community that made me rethink my options or is it a fault in me that made me behave in that certain way? Before I reveal this mystery to you guys let me tell you a little bit about myself so that you should get a better understanding of my actions as a minnow and I also hope that you could find some value from my story to improve your own situation.

lost my motivation

A little bit About Myself

I am High School Mathematics Teacher by profession. The job pays that much that I can survive and like many of you guys, I also have a dream to live a life of financial freedom and actually I had taken a step towards that last year when I started my own Blog (checkmypup.com). I soon lost the motivation there as well after just a few weeks. Do you know Why? It’s the same reason I left Steemit after a week, ‘Chasing Money’ instead of “Chasing my Vision”. Actually, I didn’t have any Vision at that moment. I just wanted to earn money and was searching for the ways to earn online when I came across a blog about affiliate marketing. (Affiliorama.com)

The blog was fairly successful and was earning good money. So, I read the whole blog and tried to copy the strategies to become a successful affiliate Marketer. I was such a big copy cat that I didn’t even tried to change the niche and did research on the same niche which was given in the blog as an example (Dog Training) and that’s how I came up starting checkmypup.com. It didn’t work well because I lost all the motivation after approximately 2 weeks of the launch because no one was coming to read it. It was hard to get traffic to my blog and as I was not really a dog person and the fact that I didn’t own a dog in my whole life made it harder and harder with each passing day to continue writing about it. The result - I abandoned the website after 6 months of irregular writing. Now let’s come back to why I left Steemit.

Why I abandoned Steemit?

It was the same reason I left checkmypup.com because I was not trying to do what I care about rather I chased a particular Steemian who introduced me to Steemit. I am sure most of you guys know him coz he is one of the biggest promoters of Steemit. Yup you are right. It’s @jerrybanfield. I saw his video on Youtube and got inspired to see that he earned 21 dollars on a post in which he shared his photos on a beach with his family.

My copy cat mind was on and I immediately joined Steemit and made my first post about my life and shared the pictures of my family in it. I didn’t get much of the response from the community but I managed to make my post reach 1.67 SBD with the help of Minnow Support. Later, I wrote another post about in which I proposed a project Steemy.com in which I tried to really add value to the community but didn’t have the skills to do it by myself so mentioned a lot of steemit coders in the post so anyone who finds the project interesting may start working on it. But, it didn’t get much attention as well. What you should know that it wasn’t something that was from my heart but it was also a money chasing dream. I wrote that post to get attention when I saw Jerry’s Steemj project got 879 SBD reward.

The second attempt crushed my dream to earn money on Steemit but I tried one more time to add value to the community my making some funny memes time to time, but these posts didn’t get much attention either. So, I became an irregular Steemit user- occasionally, commenting on someone’s posts in hope to get some reward from it and that’s how my dream of earning money from Steemit slowly died.

What brought me Back to Steemit?

Lately, I have been listening to a lot of Motivational Speakers and Success Gurus, which includes, Tai Lopez, Tony Robbins and a few others. I also have subscribed to a Youtube Channel named VYBO in which there are a lot of speeches from world’s leading successful people. A few nights back, I came across to a speech by Jack Ma which really inspired me and made my path clear of what I should do with my life. It made me think of my compelling goals and how can I add value to the life of others and in turn I can get a value back in form of money.

I remember the exact worlds Jack Ma said and will try my best not to forget them throughout my life. He said,

When you decide to work for yourself, you are committing yourself to work for others.

What does that mean, don’t we work for others in a job? Technically, Yes but No. He doesn’t mean that you start doing job when you decide to be financially free. What he meant was that you should start working for the society as soon as you decide to work for yourself. Think about that for the moment. What does a business do? Work for the society by fulfilling the needs of people. Look at any business around you. You can’t find a single business that doesn’t add value to the lives of people. All those that don’t add value or aren’t accepted by people eventually close.

So, I kept thinking about how I could add value to the lives of others. I can write but I don’t want to write on things that don’t interest me. Last time I tried to write for things that I didn’t care about and I ended up abandoning them after just a few tries. I don’t want to make the same mistake again. So, what is that thing that inspires me the most? The thing that I crave the most? The answer is Success, Financial Freedom. What can I do that could help others and also help me in turn. Write about how to get Successful and be Financially Free. Help others overcoming their habits that are working against their journey to Success. Where is the best place to Start? Obviously, Steemit because it can immediately bring me results in form of upvotes and the community here is extremely generous. Better to do it this way rather than just blogging without any financial incentive. So, here I am. Back to Steemit with full motivation and a will to change the lives of others in a positive way.

From this moment onwards, I am here to help anyone who is struggling to put down the wall which is blocking their way to success. Together we can improve and achieve our respective goals.

I hope that my blog could help others achieve their goals and in turn mine as well:) I will keep posting stuff on Success, Motivation and Finding Purpose of your Life. If this post helped you in any way than spread your love by upvoting it and follow me to get more stuff like this.
Thank You
Muhammad Yasir
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Dear @muhammadyasir, I've been reading your post and I can feel the energy on how you wrote passionately. Learning of your past, it's actually quite surprising that we indeed have a bit similar backgrounds - an ex-teacher - blogger - motivator - quit somehow - looking for financial freedom - ended in Steemit!
We shared the same vision - a will to change the lives of others in a positive way - and we are going to blog about inspiring others. This way is also motivating ourselves.
Hope to keep seeing you in some other postings and let's do this together.
I'm @madeve from Borneo your new friend. Cheers!


Btw, I like this post - Upvoted & Resteemed!


Thank you @madeve for showing interest in my work. I will be surely b visiting yours as well. You can find me on discord by searching @muhammadyasir and we can have some more positive energy going our ways. Thanks mate

You are amazing. Never forget that. Keep believing in this and move forward. Better times are sure to come :)

Hey, Tonny Robbins books saved me when I was young!! for real!! tks for share this mate!! cya

emilio e raphael.jpg


Yeah bro Tony is my inspiration right now to come back to write on steemit. I didn't find you on discord. Let me know when you are free so we can talk about your post.


hey bro, you can find me as @raphavongal on discord or here in thealliance channel https://discordapp.com/invite/EJ86sJB

Cheers mate

Yes! Impressive.
Follow me, there will be many interesting https://steemit.com/@rollsman


Thank you. Definitely check your profile as well.

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Nice Post. thanks. From Indonesia

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