Believe it or not, unbelievable coincidences around the world.

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**Hello there, to make you confused here is this post about. Did you have any dream that come true later? Or do you believe that people can seriously foresee the future, by not any magic or trick? Do you agree that there are many things in this world exits that can’t be explained yet? Referring to theories of probability, still there are many strange surprises that impossible to explain. Some amazed coincident occurred around the world which are unpredictable and mysterious. Here I have prepared some examples that will show you that really time travel exits.
Also, I have prepared a very mysterious bonus for you! All of those will make you belief that there are lots of things around us that we don’t know about them yet.
Now join with me and dive into the world of the unexplained!

Number 8 : is this another evidence of time travel?

Hunger Games film series actress Jennifer Lawrence, we all know her and someone may be heard about Egyptian Movie stage and TV Star Zubaida Tharwat. Now just keep a look below photo. To see the unique resemblance between them you don't need extraordinary skills. Look at their eyes! How do you feel? It looks like that the same person in different photo. But this is not the case. They have similarities in their carries too.

Number 7: The ship Titanic and a Novel “FUTILITY”

We all heard about the ship Titanic and its tragic story, but few know 14 years before of the sinking of Titanic writer Morgan Robertson wrote a Nobel named “Futility” in 1898. In this novel Morgan Robertson told a story about a ship that was sunk, but the interesting is that the name of the ship was named The Titan. But not only the name we can see that can say coincidence, the fictional and real ship were described as unsinkable and also have similar technical characteristics, suitable numbers of lifeboats and also collided with icebergs in the North Atlantic. This book was republished with the title futility or the sinking of the Titan.

Number 6 : Neighbors in different centuries.

Famous guitarist Jimi Hendrix was a neighbor of the famous composer George Handel but they were separated by two centuries. Hendrix lived for a time at 23 Brook Street in London and Handel lived there. Both of them were incredible musicians, Hendrix who was one of the most outstanding electric guitarists in the history of rock music and Handle in his era he was one of the greatest composer. Even their sure name “Handel” and “Hendrix” are sound alike, very interesting, isn’t it?

Number 5 : Hoober Dam Tragedy.

We all know that Hoover Dam is located it the USA. It is believed to be one of the most mysterious in the world, about more than 100 workers died here while constructing this and about 600 earthquakes consumed in this area because of the too much water that it holds. The most mysterious part of this is the first man who died for it is George Tierney, who died in 20 December 1922. The last man who died was Patrick Tierney, son of George Tierney. Patrick also died on 20 December .
hoover dam.jpg
**Number 4 : Biography in Lincoln and Kennedy
There is multitude of strange coincidences in the biographies of Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, two US Presidents. Here I am presenting some of them. Both of them were killed by gunshot, and it wound to the back of head, they day was Friday and then they were celebrating something. Lincoln was killed before Easter and Kennedy on Thanksgiving Eve. Both of them have found children. President John Kennedy had a secretary named Miss Lincoln and President Lincoln had a secretary Called John. It going to be very interesting that both of them have a friend named Billy Graham. This is not the end of surprising that their successors in both cases were named Johnson.
**Number 3 : The first and last soldiers .
There were about 673,375 soldiers that The British Army lost during the First World War. They were missing and declared to be dead. Most surprising fact is that Gave of the first and last soldier who are killed in the First World War are located very near each other, it about 6 meters far.
**Number 2 : Time Machine of Edger Allen Poe and the Rumors.
American Writer Edgar Allen Poe wrote a novel in 1838 named The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Time of Nantucket. It was his only complete novel. Here we able to learn a story of a sinking ship and four sailors who survived from sinking. Richard Parker, a ship boy was eaten by the four sailors. The writer of this book Peo claimed that this story is based on real-life event. 46 Years after about this book printed a boat did sink, the counted number of the crew who survived was same, and not only this there was a ship boy named Richard parker who was eaten by the crew. This sad event let to rumors that the writer of that book Peo had a time machine and he knew this before.
**Number 1 : Unlucky Brothers.
Erskine Lauren Salmon, A 17 years old young boy lived in Bermuda Island in July 1975. He was riding on his moped along in a road and he was hit by a Texi and died. This is not the main case; we have to go back one year. One year before in July his brother was killed. Erskine’s brother was then 17 and he was killed by a texi as well. The texi driver was the same and also the passenger in the texi was same. Erskine’s brother was riding the same mopes in same rode.

This is the first part of this topic, I will post another post with more interesting and confusing mysterious coincidences. If you like this post please hit the upvote button. To get the next posts in your feed make you have followed me in this steemit community.
This is for today.


ভালো লাগলো আপনার এই আর্টিকেল টা পড়ে। আশা করি এমন আর্টিকেল সবসময় পাবো আপনার কাছ থেকে।

ধন্যবাদ ভাই, যথাসাধ্য চেষ্টা করবো।

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