The Astronaut. Left Behind In Space - Chapter 2: Dangerous Times (Original Story)

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Chapter Two: Dangerous Times

At the United International Space Agency's (UISA) new control Center. General Jack was in charge of the Astronaut Training, the Engineering Section and the Department of Science and Technology. He practically owns the place, they said behind his back.
He had called an urgent meeting for all the new members. So he went back to his private office to wait for them to arrive.
After 45 minutes, one by one they started to arrive, going into the conference room to find their places at the big round table.

After a few minutes, General Jack walked in. Under his right arm, which he held tightly, was a light-brown colored file, marked Top Secret...

The contents that lay hidden in this folder put his job at high risk, and he guarded it with his life.
They all stood up and saluted him with respect.
"Thank you gentlemen!" he said in a deep voice, "Please be seated everyone, we are here for a reason."

All 14 of them, two members each, a General and a Scientist, represented the seven countries that made up the UISA, watched together the disturbing moving images from the Satellites. They were shocked and confused, just as General Jack was when he first saw it!
After the briefing, they all looked at the former CNSA's (The China National Space Administration) team for an explanation.
The top Chinese Official, General Long, was angry. Why would they accuse his great country of China for? How could the UISA accuse them of sabotage?

How dare they!, he thought, standing up.

"Are you all crazy here? China would never damage the American and Russian satellites in space! We do not want to start a Space war! We are too clever for that! The only explanation for this... why we were not attacked, is because we clearly have the best technology in space... and the most expensive satellites out there!"

General Jack stood up quickly annoyed, then the Russian General Ivan stood up too, and all three of them defended their countries' technology loudly.

China did have the best technology, they did have the most costly satellites, and they were smart enough to reinforce their satellites with military-grade protective armor, as they thought of future technological wars and took preventative measures ahead of time. So that was the answer why theirs were still orbiting in space, and the others not!

The other members watched them argue and complain, quite amused, until the British General stood up quickly saying calmly, "Please gentlemen, we are not here to boast... We all have the best technology, not only China. So together, we will be even better. Is that not why we joined together to stop the space war between us? To finally work together?
The three top Generals paused, looking at one another in agreement, and sat down respecting the situation.

Then they continued the meeting, around the dark table, in a more civilized way. They checked and analyzed the worrying and ever-changing data of the Earth's movement.
Yes, something was wrong here. Dangerously wrong, and it all had to do... with the moon!

Rumors around... said that they did not have the knowledge anymore, or the technology at all to go to the moon. Some even believed that they never even landed on the moon. That it was all fake, a facade, an illusion built in the home studios of Hollywood.

To some, walking on the moon was still a far out, unreachable dream and people had lost respect for all space-related projects around the world, not supporting their governments' achievements.

What ever anyone believed or thought, only together could they solve this problem...
So yes, they were ready to launch a mission to the moon. They only had two days to pick the best of the best, so the search for the elite of the elite space sailors had begun...

End Of Chapter Two...

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This part was so thrilling! You´re such a great story writer.

Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. I try and do my very best each and every time.

Another classic chapter, nice storyline, it is picking up momentum.

Thank you for your nice comment. I am glad you are enjoying the set up chapters :)

Wonderful build up, can't wait to see what happens next

Thank you my friend, I am already thinking up the next few scenes :)

You're welcome, that is great to hear, take your time

I am so excited to see what happens on the moon, I hope they find the best team possible for this important mission.

Thank you very much and I am excited to write the next chapter already

You're welcome :)

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You're very talented! Did you consider releasing a book?

Thank you so kind xxvjs... maybe when I have more time

Great story, looking forward to the next chapter

Thank you very much, I am so glad you like it, I am currently writing it, and will post it as fast as possible :)

Thank you and keep them coming :-)

Brilliant writing as usual, looking forward to read what happens next..and hey if they can't find the right space sailors they could book this guys ↓ to walk on the moon.. ☺

Hi... I just love this song... I am a great fan of them, I have all their Albums. Thanks for sending it over 🎶.
I plan to write more stories in the future, when I have more time ...

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