The Astronaut. Left Behind In Space - Chapter 1: The New Era (Original Story)

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Chapter 1: The New Era

The world was changing, the planet earth was changing, spinning around and around the Sun in orbit. It was rotating much too fast now for the worrying eyes of the scientists, who were recording its every movement, and data.
For citizens around the world, life was the same as usual. Or so they thought. Not knowing the coming danger... to their lives.
Unaware to the world... NASA (National Aeronautics And Space Administration) and ESA (European Space Agency) had joined together with the other five space agencies. RFSA (The Russian Federal Space Agency), CNSA (The China National Space Administration, JAXA (The Japan Aerospace Exploration Space, ISRO (The Indian Space Research Organisation, including the newest space member... ASSA ( The African Space And Science Agency.

The Seven big government space agencies would join together to form one single establishment, representing them all. The new agency was called UISA (United International Space Agency.) Meaning in their Logo: Together We Are The World 🌎.
Also replacing The ISS (The International Space Station. It was now renamed, the UISS (The United International Space Station).

The UISS is a man-made Space station or Space Craft In Orbit. It is a unique International Science Laboratory, floating in space for the use of all Astronauts and Cosmonauts 🇷🇺 for their experiments in space.

It is a high tech invention, a masterpiece of technology, a permanent home base in Space. But now that too… was threatened. Something was wrong with the moon, something unexplainable. Whatever it was, it was affecting the earth’s gravity and the earth’s… Electromagnetic field.
The United International Space Agency (UISA) had to act immediately. Only together could they afford to take on this dangerous mission, this top secret plan. The Plan... back to the moon.
They needed the best of the best scientists, engineers and, of course, highly-trained and skillful astronauts and cosmonauts for this risky mission. Time was definitely not on their side.

At the United International Space Agency (UISA), at their New Space Control Center, more bad news was coming.
Together... they looked at the satellite images again and again.
Yes... some things were moving faster than the speed of light out there in Orbit and around the moon.
Knocking down almost all of their high tech satellites one by one, the UISA was losing control of the situation. The only ones that were not damaged yet, were the ones from the Chinese Space Agency making the Chinese Nation very proud and giving them an edge in technology. No harm was done to their satellites from the strange force... but why? The others were all completely destroyed, obliterated into space dust and the commotion blocked all the signals back down to earth.

“What the hell is going on here?!?” General Jack bursted out, totally confused. "What is this? Is this sabotage from the Chinese? Who or what... can have so much power in space?! It is unbelievable…”

End Of Chapter One...

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Thank you for reading. Thanks for your time.
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I love science fiction and everything to do with the universe, great story so far @moonleesteem

Thank you very much, I am so happy you are enjoying the first chapter, more to come soon

Wow you finally posted your first chapter congrats, you know how to write action stories! Makes me want to fly up to space

Thank you yes I am very excited to write and share more of this space story. Someday you will be able to fly up to space, just keep believing

Very nice, Will be looking forward to your posts.

Up-voted :-)


Thank you very much for reading, I appreciate the up vote, I look forward to posting again :)

This post gets a 11.59 % upvote thanks to @verbal-d - Hail Eris !

Wow thank you so much @verbal-d I appreciate the support truly

This is looking really good my friend, your action writing has always been great. You really did your research and it shows in the creative details, I am looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds. I wonder what they see out there in space. I love mystery with science fiction, great stuff, easy up vote

Thank you very much, I do try my best to give exciting thrilling stories because I enjoy reading other authors myself who have inspired me and there are so many ideas in my mind I can't wait to put them all down and share them soon

@Peacemaker approves this amazing story :) Keep writing my friend and reach beyond the galaxies

Thank you very much @peacemaker, I appreciate the resteem and support. This astronaut shall explore the entire universe :)

Amazing great story. I was waiting for this one and you did not disappoint. You are really a wonderful writer.

Thank you dear @happyharmonymay for your nice feedback, I am glad I didn't disappoint, I give the very best of me in all my literature.

Looking forward to the next installment :-)

This is really good stuff @moonleesteem, I feel like I'm in space already. It would be so cool to be an astronaut. Ready for the next chapter.

Thank you very much @edgarstudio, I am happy that you enjoyed this first chapter. More to come :)

Far out dude. 👏👏👏 You are talented. Is chapter 2 already posted? I need to go check it out. Steem on.

Thanks... more is coming soon

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