Hi guys! Today, I'd like to tell you about important thing for guaranteed getting MonsterBit coins.

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Hi guys, MonsterBit is back. Today, I'd like to tell you a story my new friend from Steemit has got into and give you tips to avoid getting into the same story.

 * You have an opportunity to learn more about me at introduceyourself or visit my official website in case if you see me for the first time and we have not become friends yet. 

Recently, my new friend has decided to become the owner of a part of my treasure... but he did not manage to get it.

Don't treat me as scrooge; despite the fact I like my coins very much, I'm always ready to share them with people who really need them.

So what has gone wrong? You may wonder. Why has not your friend managed to get the coins?

The answer is very simple. Upon arrival to MonsterBit world, my friend hurried up way too much and read the rules for comfortable stay in the monster world inattentively. No, do not think he treated the rules irresponsibly - he has simply missed one important thing. And I'd like to tell you about it.

*I won't tell you about all the misadventures of my friend and how we fixed them. Anticipating the things, I'd like to assure you that the story has had a happy end and my friend did get the coins. It was pretty difficult and perhaps I'll write a special story about it, but it’s not a topic of our today's talk.

Today, I'd like to tell you about important registration stage that will protect you against these misadventures in MonsterBit world.

What do we need it for? You may wonder.

First of all, I am not sure this story will have a favourable outcome should it repeat. This time we managed to solve all difficulties but there are no guarantees the outcome will be always as good.

Secondly, as you may know, there are three ways for getting MonsterBit coins now and I want to be sure the reward you deserve will be delivered right to your address.

* If you don't know how to get MonsterBit coins yet, please check up this list:

You do still pretend to a part of my treasures, don't you? Then let's go on.

The first thing you'll have to do before you get into the world of monsters is to pass a standard registration procedure and confirm your [email protected] It's not difficult at all and I think it's not worth our special attention.

The key feature you have to take notice of is confirmation of your Ethereum wallet.

Once you pass a registration in the world of monsters, you'll get into your personal profile, where you'll have to enter your Ethereum wallet.

My friend has taken it responsibly.

Your wallet is a guarantee of your comfortable stay in MonsterBit world. It must be only your personal wallet!

Do not transfer currency from stock exchanges and exchangers.

In this case, tokens will go to exchanges and exchangers.

Use MetaMask, MyEtherWallet or other ERC-20 wallet.

* I won't tell you about all the possible options which may help you; these options are profoundly described in various chronicles. Now I'll give you a map with location of libraries.

So let’s look at the map

ERC20 Wallet



I hope that I managed to help you, and we will make friends!

  • Do not forget to follow @monsterbit I plan to talk about my developers, interesting facts from my life, and hold contests with cash prizes for steemit users!
  • If you do not want to wait, a lot of additional information you can find on my site.
  • Do not hesitate to ask your questions in the comments, I will definitely answer them!

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