His Subtile Eyes (Chapter-5)

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Chapter 5-

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" I had no words to say. I couldn't react in anyway." His legs were stumbling, his veins had a fast blood flow. It seemed like he was not more than a dead man.
He was fighting with himself at this point. He was thinking why all this happened to him. Was his fault? Was he not deserve anyone or there are too many people envy from him?? They couldn't tolerate him happy. " My old days are back. I wanna sink in drugs, alcohol, that's the place which we call heaven, no worries, no pain, simple everything is simple" He didn't even know that this was the path of destruction. These things are temporary amusement which entertain us initially and make our life hell by the time. But there was no hope, no person who could stop him, support him. A sudden knock on the door, there was vidhika, wet in rain.
Adhiraaj was not even in that condition of scolding on her. He just opened the door and again lie down on the couch. Vidhika came closer to him, said that she wanted to talk, her eyes were wet, she was crying, was there any meaning of all this now? He didn't answered anything. Vidhika kept her head on Adhiraaj's feet and after some time they both are no more woke up. In the morning, vidhika woke up before Adhiraaj. She made coffee, came near to him, kept his hand on Adhiraaj's head to wake him up. I don't know what was that feeling but with those sleepy eyes they were looking at each other and weeping continuously. It looked like there is no need of words they both are talking to each other without words. Love was still there. Sometimes we got some people in life who have such impression on us, which make their big crime just a small mistake. These people are connected by souls. For Adhiraaj, vidhika was one from them.
Adhiraaj pulled Vidhika and hold her in his arms. They were crying on their destiny. Adhiraaj said "this was your last mistake after this I will not tolerate anything." Vidhika tried to explain the things but Adhiraaj stopped her saying that in love there is no need of explaination. " I didn't know why you did so and what were the reasons but I am believing on the truth that this teardrop on your cheek is not false. You love me more than I love you."
This is what we called love when the trust is beyond our imagination and words are not necessary to prove us right.



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